Osmia Organics Natural Perfume + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Osmia Organics PerfumeCampfire dreaming and leather. Two of my favorite scents.

Osmia Organics has taken these scents to another level.  Osmia Organics Natural Perfume in Juniper Fire smells fresh of the mountains: juniper, cedar, sandalwood, and a touch of smoke. These notes may sound heavy, but they are really light and absolutely delicate. Juniper Fire is such a beautiful blend of notes, it can be worn year round.

I also love Osmia Organics Natural Perfume in Cuoro, which is a deeper woodsy scent with the essence of leather.  There is a gorgeous masculine essence to this perfume that I love. I at times dab a little Cuoro with a little dab of Juniper Fire, which lends a soft dimension to all the notes.

Seriously high-end fragrances, that can be worn by a man or a woman.

Whenever I am introduced to natural fragrances that smell as good or better than their toxic luxury fragrance counterparts, I fall madly, madly in love.  Osmia Organics has my heart.

Not only does Osmia Organics have a dreamy, chic selection of fragrances, they also have a full range of skincare, couture soaps, bath, lip care, and some of the most beautiful photos in Instagram! Dreamy.

Osmia Organics and I would like you to get dreamy as well! Osmia Organics is giving one lucky Goddess Huntress reader a choice of 5 perfume samples and your choice of one of three lip glosses!

Goddess Huntress | Osmia Organics Giveaway

Simply log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below. Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

*Contest only open to those living in the continental United States (those strict chemical transport laws!)

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And in case you didn’t know, this is why you only want to use natural fragrances.


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  2. kristina moya says:

    I tend to lean in the floral direction most of the time, but I love the woodsy scents. I think anything that reminds me of nature :)

  3. These fragrances sound earthily wondeful!

  4. I usually don’t buy fragrances due to sensitivities but Osmia Organics is a wonderful company I believe in!

  5. Smoky, amber, sandalwood- not too sweet,!!

  6. Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite scents are true salty lemony ocean scents. I also love earth notes!!

  7. Ooo these scents sound unique and earthy. I don’t have any organic perfumes and have been wanted to pick some up, the sample pack from Osima would be a perfect way to get started!

  8. yasmine choudhry says:

    vanilla & musk. Love warm woody fragrances

  9. This sounds heavenly!

  10. Sherry Russell says:

    would love to try it out.

  11. Nicole R says:

    I stopped wearing fragrance because of the chemicals. This would be lovely to try.

  12. I love fruity scents but I would love to try these!

  13. Caroline says:


  14. I would love to try the Osmia fragrances and one of the lip glosses. Osmia looks like they make wonderful products!

  15. Samantha says:

    I am def more drawn to Amber or vanilla scents but as I am getting older my desire for scents is changing-that’s odd to me. I seem to be drawn to more musky. Still trying to find the perfect organic scent. This is harder than I thought. Skin products were easy.

  16. All of the scents sound divine.

  17. I have no fave scents as I’m new to the world of scents but I seem to love sweet vanilla smells lately :)

  18. Oooo! Love them! I love ylang ylang and Jasmine.

  19. I love florals, grassy earthy florals.

  20. mmmmmm! <3

  21. I love citrus notes. Vanilla is also nice.

  22. I’m OBSESSED with anything jasmine, lavender or rose! I love the herbal and floral scents but nothing overly sweet!

  23. got to be Amber, Vanilla, Smoke/Tobacco, – earth- woods- leaves- occasionally flowers- but not really on me, mostly… A bit of spice too, won’t go amiss!

  24. Ellen Willett says:

    love new fragrances love to have

  25. citrusy scents. Orange blossom is my all time favorite.

  26. I love earthy scents, with just a hint of floral in them!

  27. I love jasmine and ylang ylang!

  28. I love fresh, light, green/citrus-y scents. Nothing too strong or overpowering – I work in a hospital and know that people can be very sensitive to odors when they’re not feeling well. That said, I do like a light touch to make me (or maybe someone else) smile when they catch a whiff. I’ve experimented with essential oils and haven’t yet found the perfect scent. I’d love to try something new!

  29. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to comment on that box on the front, sorry. I love vanilla and sandalwood! I just went to the Osmia website and read about all the scents – they all sound awesome. I’m intrigued by juniper fire, trusque, bria, and posso. Very cool find, Goddess Huntress!

  30. I love spicy sensual undertones with a floral note!

  31. Samantha says:

    I love leather, spice and green notes!

  32. I love vanilla, amber and sandalwood!

  33. I love the smell of bergamot in my fragrances.

  34. Rosemary says:

    Would love to try that perfume sounds awesome! Rose

  35. Melissa Berg says:

    I like fruity fragrances (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry!!), but my boyfriend loooove lavender. I try to get a little of both.

  36. I love osmia. I haven’t tried this scent but would love to. I think you can’t go wrong with anything osmia!

  37. whooops…forgot to mention that I love bergamot in a fragrance…such a nice light scent

  38. Just wanted to say that I love this company and already ordered some sample perfumes + sent a gift of the coffee mint soap to a friend. I used Juniper Fire today! I don’t think I would have found Osmia Organics without Goddess Huntress so cheers to that and thanks for sharing!!

  39. Mahdi Martin says:

    I typically go for citrusy or other clean smelling scents. Nothing too musky.