Clean Cleanse Day 1: Shakes, Naughty Dogs, & Roses

Goddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Vanilla Shake Packet

April 21, 2014: First day of Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Cleanse

Three days prior to starting the cleanse, The Clean Program advises to eat three meals a day from the Cleanse Diet, a list of approved foods such as salmon, turkey, herbs, quinoa, leafy greens, etc. To be honest, I was not a good pre-cleanse student with Easter weekend. Let’s just say I am guilty of wine and gluten…I know I’ll get served royally for this rebellion.

Thrilled to begin a wholesome three week cleansing, I started off my morning with a blueberry, avocado, vanilla shake.  I throw in frozen blueberries, 1/2 avocado, a scoop of my Green Vibrance superfood green powder, and a vanilla Clean Cleanse shake packet into the blender with a dash of stevia.

Goddess Huntress | Blueberry Clean Cleanse ShakeGoddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Blueberry Shake

The shake was very filling.  It was a bit bland yet sweet, in need of a bit of zing. Noted: tonight’s shake needs a more tangy kick.

After, I set out my frozen salmon to defrost for lunch, then worked out with my trainer.  No difference in workout energy today, I felt strong on my first day of the cleanse.  Mind you, my workouts have been extremely modified since I strained my tendon in my foot, so it is mainly seated weight training, no cardio.  (I cannot wait to exercise normally again)

My mom met me after for a stroll around my neighborhood to admire the roses.  I don’t know what is in the magic soil here, because the roses are so gutsy, humungous, and tall!  I’ll include photos of them in the coming days as I do some cleanse mini-walks.

We get home to find that my dogs went to town on my defrosting, raw salmon and the other half of my avocado.  Well there goes that lunch plan…

Goddess Huntress | McKenna & Daisy

Yes, those are the bandits above guilty of wanting to cleanse with me…

Veggie Grill to the rescue for lunch…thank goodness! I had steamed kale with roasted vegetables, quinoa, and miso gravy. Such a godsend when I don’t want to eat lunch at home or am, how else do I put it, LAZY.

Snacked on an apple around 5pm, then at 6, I unleashed the tangy madness for my dinner shake. Pineapple, green apple, and raspberries did the trick. Hell yeah, shake gods.

Goddess Huntress | Roses and Clean Cleanse ShakeGoddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Raspberry Pineapple Shake

Overall: Feeling happy, tummy is content, and craving water more than usual.

See you here for Day 2 of the Clean Cleanse!


  1. Awesome, Monique! You’re off to a great start! :)

  2. Exciting! I have been wanting to try this cleanse for a long time, but it’s so pricey… the only reason I haven’t done it yet. Hope you have great results!