The Clean Cleanse: My 21 Day Journey

Goddess Huntress | My Clean Cleanse Journey

Starting today, April 21st, I’m embarking on a 21 day cleanse with Dr. Junger’s Clean Cleanse and I’m taking you with me.  I will be journaling daily on Goddess Huntress with my experiences, challenges, skin health perks, and recipes.

Recipes? Yes, recipes.  Clean Cleanse is not a juice cleanse, you get to eat!  The Clean Cleanse provides daily breakfast and dinner shakes that you can personalize with fruits, vegetables, spices, etc.. At lunch, you get to eat a hearty meal using Clean Cleanse approved ingredients like salmon, chicken, brown rice, quinoa, greens, legumes, etc.  The cleanse also comes with daily supplements and probiotics to take with shakes and lunch.

I’m excited to bring you along for the ride in the kitchen, on my walks, with my detox symptoms, and with renewed glow.

Thanks for joining me, I’ll need your support!