Clean Cleanse Day 2: Water + Rest

Goddess Huntress | Water Pillow Sleep

This is my 21 day journal of my experiences with Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Cleanse. Join me here daily for my detox journey. You can also follow along on Instagram via #ghcleancleanse

Clean Cleanse Day 2: April 22nd, 2014

I had such a restful sleep last night. It was sooooo0 delicious, I believe I stayed in one position the whole night!

Upon waking, I threw on some clothes and headed to Trader Joe’s to load up on frozen berries and pineapple, leafy greens, turkey, and salmon. Back home I made my breakfast shake with pineapple, mixed berries, green apple, scoop of Green Vibrance superfood green powder, and the Clean Cleanse vanilla shake packet. I decided to do the same for the evening shake, but kick it up a notch with ginger. Watch out world, there is a cleansing renegade on the loose.

Goddess Huntress | Mixed Berry Clean Cleanse Shake Worked a bit on the computer with my shake, then rested my eyes from the screen with a small walk in the beach breeze, camera in tow…of, course.  I shot a few flower photos along the way…of, course.

Goddess Huntress | Fuchsia FlowersGoddess Huntress | FlowersGoddess Huntress | HibiscusGoddess Huntress | White RosesGoddess Huntress | Pink Rose

For lunch, I pulled out my cilantro oil I made a couple of days ago. Which is basically a version of pesto minus the pine nuts and dairy.  I laid a couple turkey breast cutlets in a baking dish and spooned the cilantro oil over the top, then put them in the oven to bake.  As my cilantro turkey was cooking, I made brown rice, steamed some brussel sprouts with lemon, and roasted asparagus with lemon and salt. I spooned some cilantro oil over my rice and mixed it together…because it is that good.

Goddess Huntress | Cilantro Oil

My kitchen assistants (a.k.a. my dogs) were eagerly awaiting to join in on the cleanse, so I fed them the tough asparagus trimmings. Every vegetable is always a hit with these two, my boyfriend says I turned them into hippies! Oh, and they love green juice too. True story.

In the evening, I had my mixed berry-pineapple-apple shake with a kick of ginger. Bombastic.

Goddess Huntress | Mixed Berry Ginger Clean Cleanse Shake

Overall: I will say the biggest change I’m experiencing on day 1 and 2 is thirst. I am craving and drinking water all the time. My hunger levels are same as usual, hungry in the morning, hungry in the afternoon, hungry in the evening.  I do not feel starved. I do not feel tired. And I have this grandiose desire to make antioxidant abundant lunches every day, which is the best takeaway this cleanse can give me!

See you here for Day 3 + 4 of the Clean Cleanse!