Kids + Sunscreen

Goddess Huntress | Kids + Sunscreen Application

My dear best friend of 30 years* has 3 uber cool children, aged 5, 3, and 1, who are all well-trained in being protected daily with SPF.  The other day she brought up a great question…

“Getting the kids ready in the morning for school or errands out can take so long because of sunscreen application, avoiding the white stuff on their clothes, and such.  I know you don’t advocate SPF sprays, but what will get them out the door in a more timely fashion and keep their clothes clean?”

Spray SPF. Yep, that is my answer. But, there is a caveat…


The key reason why spray SPFs are not ideal is the risk of inhalation. But, you can avoid all that by being creative…holding your breath and closing eyes during, then quickly walking away from the spray scene after and repeat.  This should definitely be done outdoors.  The kids will probably enjoy it better than hands vigorously rubbing away the white on their faces and it is easy to make a game out of it!

Now, I’m extremely picky when it comes to sprays (as I am with everything else!) and when I use them. You can say that I am sipping on the COOLA all that you want…their spray is my go-to for short spurt/light sun exposure.  (If I am going to have longer sun exposure, then I go with their cream Sport SPF 45).

COOLA Suncare was developed by surfers and surfers are avid users of spray SPF, so these guys made sure to create a highly performing spray.  COOLA Suncare developed sprays that give an even all-over mist providing good coverage.  Also, COOLA Suncare’s scents are divine and not synthetically derived…just make sure to smell them when the sunscreen is already on skin, not in the air!

Look for COOLA Suncare Spray to be carried soon by The GH Shop, in the meantime you can get your spray, hold your breath, and close your eyes HERE. Get their other good stuff HERE.

The GH Shop is donating 10% of each COOLA Suncare sale to the Melanoma Research Foundation during the month of May. Get protected!

*We have been friends since age 5…you do the math!

Yes, that is adorable Kelly Slater pictured above!

A Safe Blonde? Anybody? Anybody?

Goddess Huntress | Sky Ferreira by Terry Richardson

I was wondering if you have any advice about hair color. I was born a blonde, and was one until maybe my early 20’s. Since then, I’ve highlighted my hair on and off. I haven’t colored my hair since 2011, but I’d really love to be blonde again. Do you know of any natural, non-toxic products that lighten hair?


Having a hairstylist for a mom gives me a shorthand guide to the chemistry of hair.  The only natural, less harmful way to make hair lighter is with lemon and sunlight, which both do their own hair shaft and skin damage.  Extracting pigment from your hair shaft takes a lot of heavy lifting, which means toxins.  Ammonia-free bleach is pretty much the industry standard now, less toxic than its old school predecessor.

Here are a couple of ways to lessen the toxin burden:

1) Play keep away, keep away from the scalp.  Balayage is the technique of painting highlights onto the hair, without coming in contact with the scalp’s skin.  Balayage gives a natural look as it grows.  Colorists can paint as close as possible to the scalp or further away for an ombre effect.

2) Bring your own mask. Embrace the dramatic look.  No need to inhale the toxic fumes, plus you may be encouraging the good health onto other customers. This is a great option for pregnant or breast-feeding women who are continuing with their hair color processes.

As a highlighted blonde, I wish there was a non-toxic answer to lightening hair.

How about you, Beauties?  What do you do to lessen the chemical burdens at the salon?


Photo: Sky Ferreira by Terry Richardson. Hair color by former Guest Goddess Aura Friedman.

What Is On Your Wish List?

Let me know your answer in the comments below.  I’m taking a survey, so each and every answer will be extremely valued!

(e.g. “I wish there was a clean mascara that performed like Diorshow”)


Should I Cut My Cuticles?

This question is for my mom.  When I do get manicures, I always tell the nail technician to push back my cuticles, just because it was advised by mom a long time ago, who is a hairstylist and learned how to do proper manicures in beauty school.  I never knew why…only that it was healthier for the nail.

So, I asked her this week.

Why, should I not cut my cuticles?

Cutting your cuticles encourages more aggressive cuticle growth, therefore will grow in thicker.  The cuticles are a crucial part to the finger.  It protects the nail bed from infection and it shelters the new keratin cells while they grow, encouraging faster, stronger nail growth.  Cutting cuticles removes that protective, incubator barrier making your fingers vulnerable to bacteria and stunted growth.

So what do you do for your next manicure and pedicure?

Just tell the technician to push them back and to only cut the hangnails.

Moms always know best.

Fright Night 2012

Halloween is creeping up on us here in the States.  My boyfriend and I are still brainstorming our get-ups.  I love getting dressed up, as you may remember here and here. I get so excited to get into character, it is the only day of the year you can call me an actress.

I am sure a lot of you are decorating your homes and scheming on costumes now.  Which begs me to ask…

After you let us in on your costumes in the comments below, try these DIY drippy nails from Honestly…WTF. Make sure to use healthy nail polish!

Speaking of fright night, how about this eeeeeerie DIY ghost for your yard? Total chill inducing.

I can’t wait to read about your costumes in the comments! Boo-ya!

Bloody nail image via Honestly…WTF

Q & A: What Is Your Virtue?

What are your beauty virtues?

A couple of weeks ago, we divulged our naughty beauty vices.  Now that we exposed our bad girl behavior, how about we honor our moral excellences, I mean beauty excellences. I’ll give you mine to start…

  • I get 8 hours of sleep a night, every night.
  • I stay out of the sun and am mindful of my SPF.
  • Aside from my eyebrow powder, highlights, and once-in-a-blue-moon toxic lipstick, I’m virtually topically toxin free.
  • I always have sunglasses on hand to prevent wrinkles from squinting.
  • I eat TONS of vegetables.

Guess my goodness balances out my beauty maliciousness…fingers crossed!

Ok, now it is your turn.  I’m curious. I’d love for you to brag away in the comments below, Angels.

Let’s pick up on each other’s good habits!

Q & A: Waterproof Mascara

The other day I tweeted the smirk-inducing photo above from my beloved friend’s Instagram (whom you should all follow for some cool model pics: @samuelzakuto).  I then get a tweet from our favorite skincare maven, Tata Harper…

Great pic! Now where can I find a solid non-toxic waterproof mascara for those crisis fashion moments??

Great question, Tata.

I have to say she stumped me, because I wouldn’t consider my ZuZu Luxe and GOGO Mascara by Josie Maran waterproof.   I did some research and soon realized there are no true “waterproof” mascaras in the clean beauty market. But, I did find three high performing clean mascaras receiving rave reviews from beauties all over that are worth us batting our eyelashes with, even if our tears of happiness may smudge them a bit.  Let’s give them a try.


Organic Glam Mascara gets great reviews for its wand and its long-wearing formula. $35

100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara delivers long lashes and volume. $18

Lavera’s Double Black Mascara has two brushes, one to separate and one to volumize. $24

What are your favorite natural mascaras that you would recommend to Tata?

What Is Your Beauty Vice?

What is your beauty vice?

I ask this not to out you and cast you into the corner.  As you know GH is not a place of judgement, but a place of information so you can choose what to clean up and clutch onto the dirty stuff you want to keep around you.  I just want to make clear that sometimes I can be a walking contradiction, I am no angel (thank goodness).

So, I’ll start with my beauty vices…

I get my hair highlighted and don’t see myself ever quitting getting adorned with bleach.

Sometimes I will wear a not-so-healthy lipstick just for the sake of its great pop of color.

I fill in my eyebrows with a not-so-healthy powder.

I sleep with my makeup on.

I don’t wash my makeup brushes as much as I really should.

I’m never one to turn down red wine or margaritas, even if it sometimes makes my face red.  Oh, I love them so.

Ooooo!  That felt so good to come clean with. If any more come to mind, I will add them as I remember.


Beauties, I’d love to know…What are your guilty beauty pleasures or favorite toxic products?  Please divulge in the comments below.  Absolutely no judgements here. xx

Q & A: DIY Sunscreen

Since so many sunscreens have some scary components, is making your own sunscreen at home a healthy solution?  -Alex V.

A. Great question, Alex.  If you do a search on Google, you will find lots of DIY sunscreen recipes floating around.  While at first the idea sounds good, here is why you shouldn’t try your hand at sun protection chemistry:

  • You will never know the exact SPF of your homemade lotion
  • You do not know its water resistance
  • You will not know the last of your lotion and when to reapply
  • Since you do not know the exact SPF you will not be able to apply accordingly with the UV index of said day
  • Most importantly, the level of UVA protection is unknown
There are plenty of healthy sunscreens out there that perform excellently.  If you want a healthy sunscreen that is the crème de la crème in protection, keep an eye out for the following certifications:


Natural Product Association Certified Natural Seal

Europe’s Boots Star Rating (Look for 4-5 stars)

Japan’s PA Rating (Look for +++)

PA+ (some UVA protection)

PA++ (moderate UVA protection)

PA+++ (good UVA protection)

U.S.A.’s UVA Designation (equal protection of UVB and UVA)

Broad Spectrum

Since the United States didn’t have a consistent UVA rating system until this year, many American brands sought out these coveted international certifications and still do.

Let’s leave it to the experts.  Plus, doesn’t making sunscreen sound like the most un-fun thing you can do on your kitchen counter? I’m just sayin’… (wink, wink)

Got a question?  Submit it HERE.