Ask The GH: Sunscreen Wipes

Brilliant question from Jennifer A. I must say!

Sunscreen wipes are extremely convenient, but for me they are a red flag.  The coverage is invisible to the eye and you do not know if you missed a spot.  This is especially important for applications on babies and children, because just as Dr. Antoni Ribas mentioned in an earlier GH post, melanomas are being linked to sunburns from our childhood years.  

While sunscreen wipes may seem to be an ingenious time-saving invention, especially for children who squirm at sunscreen, there is more safety and protection involved by applying and rubbing on the white stuff known as titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.  What you see is what you protect.

Pass on the wipes and go for the old fashioned squeeze bottles and balms…the lil’ ones deserve it.

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Ask The GH: Deodorant


Honestly, I’ve avoided answering the dreaded deodorant question from many readers.  And by avoid, I mean I run.


Because I use commercial deodorant/anti-perspirant.  

There. I outted myself.

I have gone through many, many, many healthy deodorants and can’t find a good mate that has my odor in their best interests.  This Spring, I tried a new healthy deodorant every week for health’s sake and journalistic research purposes.  Many I had to re-apply throughout the day.   I barely re-apply my lipstick, the last thing I wanted to carry on my person every day was a stick of deodorant (not clutch friendly). Some didn’t combat a thing.  Others worked for the first 2 days and then my body acclimated and defeated the hopeful contender.  Then along came summer, and I about had it.  I decided to take a break and go back to that commercial brand that does its “magic”.

Do I want to find a healthy deodorant that will have and hold me from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward?


Here’s why:

Deodorant is a controversial topic with inconclusive evidence that it is linked to cancer, breast cancer.  Honestly, they can do studies until they are blue in the face, it is better to take precautions than wait for the conclusion.   The location of our daily deodorant application is at the lymph nodes and three fingers away from the breasts.  I call our lymph nodes the “cancer super highway” (my father had his under arm lymph nodes and sweat glands removed due to his cancerous mole on his back).  Daily application of aluminum based compounds and parabens is not so ideal.

Aluminum based compounds create a plug in the sweat duct and stops the sweat from releasing out onto the skin.  It is the effective component of anti-perspirants. Some believe that the aluminum has the capacity to be absorbed into the glands and act as an endocrine disruptor, a.k.a. produce more estrogen.  Estrogen has the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells.  It is unknown if the molecular structure of the aluminum can be passed through the sweat duct.

Ever cut yourself shaving? Shaved with a more aggressive hand?  Got razor burn?  Ever apply deodorant/anti-perspirant after that shaving mishap, or just immediately after shaving?  So there is the possibility the aluminum may not be passable through the sweat duct, but now it has greater access to be absorbed by your broken skin. Not optimum. Hmmmm…maybe that’s why it says not to apply on broken or irritated skin (honestly, I never paid attention to that on the label until right now).  There are conflicting studies on the shaving + deodorant connection to breast cancer.

So, I don’t have any solid answers for you, but I advise prevention.  Don’t apply deodorant/anti-perspirant immediately after shaving.  If you are having a hard time like me finding something that works without aluminum compounds, take some aluminum breaks.  On cooler days or days of less strenuous activity use a natural deodorant.  On days of more stress, emotions, heat, date nights use your favorite magic stick.  I’m going to start taking that regimen on, as you know I suffer from toxic remorse and need to keep that under control!

Now, let me ask you Huntresses, what natural deodorants work for you?  Any DIY formulas you concoct?  Is there anyone that uses vodka as a deodorant, a la Joan Rivers?  Please share in the comments because I’d like to try them all and we can all use a bit of refreshing help.  Share! Share! Share!

Special thanks to Erin C. for backing me into a wall with this question and  having me come out as a commercial antiperspirant/deodorant user.  I feel a lot lighter now 😉

Alright, armpits.  Let’s do a vodka spritz.

(I’ll fill you in later on if this cocktail courtship sweeps me off my feet. Meanwhile, please share your deodorant favorites below!)


Ask the GH


I received an excellent sunscreen question from GH reader, Na.  As you have been reading the past month on Goddess Huntress and the Environmental Working Group’s 2011 Sunscreen Report, that we should opt for non-nano zinc oxide or non-nano titanium dioxide as the active ingredient in our sunscreens.  Well, Na is finding out that manufacturers are getting clever in avoiding listing the word “nano” on their labels.

Q: Is Micronized Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide considered okay?

A: Excellent question, Na. “Micronized” is a broad and ambiguous term used by manufacturers. Micronized means that the zinc oxide/titanium dioxide particles have been reduced in size.  This size can be nanoparticle size or larger than nanoparticle size to be “micronized”.  If your sunscreen goes on clear or the whiteness disappears quickly, then it is nanoparticle size and I’d advise to stay away.  If it rubs on white then it is not nano, and that is a great.

Now if only our labels can deliver these important details!

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