Woodchuck Mens Accessories + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Woodchuck Mens Accessories   Father’s Day is right around the corner and one of my most favorite brands has expanded into mens accessories.  Woodchuck, who famously adorns our tech with a sleek wooden finish (and just created this custom laptop case for the offices of Snapchat), now have entered the wonderful world of mens furnishings. Cufflinks, journals, money clips, flasks, and the most innovative pocket squares on the planet, are offered in mahogany, cedar, rosewood, walnut, ebony, and gunmetal wood finishes. Woodchuck also offers customizable accessories, so you can get dad’s initials, fav team logo, or just an ornate design engraved into the wood.

1/pocket square 2/flask 3/money clip 4/cufflinks 5/journal

Completely blows that boring Father’s Day tie out of the water, right?

I have been a huge fan of Woodchuck’s work since their beginnings. My iPhone and laptop both sport their wooden cases and the compliments + inquiries keep on coming. My boyfriend Andrew wore his rosewood pocket square to a wedding with me last week and his statement piece was pretty much the enthusiastic topic of conversations amongst the guests.

Dad deserves to sport it too.

To celebrate Woodchuck’s foray into incredibly dapper accessories, I partnered up with them for a Father’s Day giveaway. Goddess Huntress | Woodchuck Journal Cufflinks Giveaway


Woodchuck will be giving away a journal to one lucky Goddess Huntress reader and a set of cufflinks to another lucky Goddess Huntress reader!

Simply log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below. Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

*Contest only open to United States residents
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All I Want For Christmas

Goddess Huntress | All I Want For Christmas

From left to right starting at top:

1/ 10 Crosby Derek Lam Loden Over-The-Knee Boot   2/ this entire beach look from Jenni Kayne  3/ Catbird Twisted Stacker Rings  4/ Kiki De Montparnasse Enchante Bodysuit  5/ Tom Ford Shade And Illuminate Brush  6/ 60th Anniversary Playboy Issue Featuring Kate Moss  7/ MSGM and Toilet Paper Lipstick Sweatshirt  8/ Kenzo New Era Fitted Hat

Here is my wish list for Christmas! What’s on yours?


Take Me To The Water

Goddess Huntress | We Are Moving To The Beach

Things will be a little slow here on Goddess Huntress as I get ready for our big move to the beach!  I’m over the moon ecstatic!

Wish me luck on the purging, packing, and loading.  Funny how we always underestimate the time it takes and the amount of stuff we have, right?

As I pack and label, I will be sending an extra special newsletter this Friday with ultra exclusive news.  Get on the email list HERE if you haven’t already!

It is some really exciting news…eeek! It gives me butterflies telling you! Don’t miss out.

In the meantime, get yourself a free face bar!

Marble surfboard by Eric Trine

Interview With Marnie Goding of Elk Accessories

Goddess Huntress | A GH Interview With Marnie Golding of Elk

I recently got acquainted with Elk, a clothing and accessories brand based in Australia.  I fell in love with the geometry of many of their jewelry pieces, the expensive look of their leather goods, and their contemporary silhouettes.  Founders Adam and Marnie do not sacrifice quality with the production of their line; they use vegetable dyes on leather, source all accessories timber from sustainable plantations, and use small old world manufacturers.

I got the chance to interview Elk Creative Director Marnie Goding, pictured above, about Elk’s vision.

GH/What inspired you to develop Elk?

MG/There are so many reasons for our desire to create and continue evolving. In the lead up to starting Elk, we saw a real gap in the market for handmade products. One of our original decisions was to only partner with the highest quality manufacturers who are able to make our products by hand. Not only does this ensure beautiful products that are truly artisinal, it is really inspiring to sell product that we know has a directly positive effect on the people who make it. We are also inspired by our customers and their constant positive feedback, which has pushed us to grow an develop the brand further.

GH/What innovations are you seeing with sustainable/organic fabrics and mills?

MG/We work with sustainable timber and vegetable dyes. With the wood products we make, it is a simple process almost like going back to basics without all of the unnecessary additions. So rather than innovation, what we are focusing on is waste management and ensuring that the sources are reliable and accessible.

GH/There are always surprises in design. You can design a product in the line that you think may not bring in substantial sales and then it takes off like wildfire. What was your biggest surprise designing Elk?

MG/We have had many over the years. Most fashion brands design and sell out of styles seasonally. We on the other hand continue to sell while demand remains. We have a few styles which have now been selling consistently for eight years. Our friends in fashion have told us this is unheard of, and we keep scratching our heads. Sometimes it’s the most simple designs that sell the best … who would have known.

Here are a few looks from the Elk collection…
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk
Goddess Huntress | Elk Lumiere
Goddess Huntress | Elk Lumiere
Goddess Huntress | Elk Accessories
Goddess Huntress | Elk Accessories
Elk 130118 2202 Goddess Huntress | Elk
Great stuff right?  You can view the rest of the collection and shop away HERE.

Accessories By Elk

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Yellow Ring

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Studded Handbag

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Necklace

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Bracelet

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Accessories


My fashion snob self has expanded my views on sustainable, ethical fashion.  As you may recall my admission during fashion week.  There is finally some great design out there that embodies pure love and concern for resources, and I am becoming more aware of what brands I want to contribute to.

Now I will feature beautiful fashion and home pieces on Goddess Huntress weekly as a “Beauty Break”, to bring more ethical balance into our closets and homes…or at the least put them on our wish lists!

For the inauguration of the GH “Beauty Break”, I’d like to introduce you to the geometry of Australian brand Elk.  

Elk is a conscious fashion brand that sources their timber from sustainable plantations, dyes their leathers with vegetable dyes, and are large donors to global charities.

Above are a few accessories that I fell in love with from their Spring 2014 collection.  I absolutely love Elk’s geometry. These pieces dance between bold and subtle.

Elk is also now carried in the U.S. with select stockists!  (San Francisco MoMA Shop, De Young Museum in San Francisco, Aldea in San Francisco, Box Turtle in Little Rock, Firefly in Los Angeles, Camelion Design in Seattle, Carmel Bay Company in Carmel, Frances in Phoenix, Pelago in Oakland, Tilde in Portland, and Plum Goods in Santa Barbara)

Check out and shop their current collection online HERE.