Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish GiveawayGoddess Huntress | Color Me Up Cheeky Monkey

Goddess Huntress | Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish Giveaway


This year, I just got acquainted with Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, a spicy pants nail brand that is not only high quality, but  also 5 free!

5 free is always my M.O. 3 free just doesn’t cut it in my book.

You probably know that 3 free nail polish means that it is without the main nasty toxins: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  5 free takes it two steps further sans formaldehyde resin/tosylamide and camphor.  Less is more.

Some of Cheeky Monkey’s color names will make you snicker and blush.  I’ve been sporting a great Cheeky Monkey nude on my fingers called No Bra for the past couple weeks.  Next week I’m moving on to Granny Panties, an opaque white…come to think of it, I’m going from topless to completely covered!

Cheeky Monkey’s full spectrum of 60 colors are also cruelty free!

To celebrate Goddess Huntress’ 5th birthday, Cheeky Monkey is giving away a nail trio to 2 lucky Goddess Huntress readers!  

The first nail trio is a base coat (Wet Dream), a soft pink with a hint of berry (Bite Me), and top coat (I Like It On Top), pictured above first row at top from left to right. The second trio will include a shimmery champagne pink (Hoe Hoe Hoe), second row above.

Simply log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

*Contest only open to continental United States and Canada (those silly chemical transport laws!)

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Contest ends at midnight EST March 28th!

As you know I have a new issue of GH Magazine on healthy nail polishes coming soon…it is going to be bonkers!


Fresh Start Set Birthday Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Goddess Huntress Is 5!Goddess Huntress | GH Fresh Start Set


For the Goddess Huntress 5th Birthday Wednesday giveaway, I will be sending one lucky reader the GH Fresh Start Set!

The GH Fresh Start Set is an all-encompassing, full size curation of some of my favs that send you on your happy way to a cleaner regimen. Here is what one lucky reader will receive:

This is an exclusive selection, valued at $125!

Simply Log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

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Contest ends at midnight EST March 26th!

Please note, if the winner does not live in the Continental U.S., the nail polish will be substituted with another item. 

CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion Giveaway

CV Skinlabs is a skincare line that takes skin care to new heights.  CV Skinlabs is first and foremost formulated to healthfully soothe and repair skin that been taxed by the effects of chemotherapy, dermatitis, eczema, radiation burns, and post-laser hair removal. Yet, CV Skinlabs beautifully nourishes and boosts all skin types, taxed or not.

Britta Aragon, founder and cancer survivor, sought out to create a clean skincare line that benefitted and healed sensitive skin, which is more prone to the effects of toxins. Britta saw the vulnerability of sensitive skin first-hand with her father’s eight year battle with cancer and also being a Hodgkins survivor herself.  With her expertise as a skin therapist and makeup artist, she created CV Skinlabs to provide ethical, non-toxic skincare based in science to heal vulnerable skin.



When I received my CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion and Rescue + Repair Spray, I immediately handed off the Body Repair Lotion to my boyfriend who has dealt with eczema his whole life.  His eczema has to be managed daily, as he almost died from it as an infant.  So here he is the expert in eczema and here am I just seeking a healthy solution that would put his prescription topical treatment on hiatus.

Andrew abandoned his famous drugstore oatmeal brand lotion (which isn’t so clean as they market) that kept all things calm on the skinfront for CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion for the past month.  It has served his skin so well, that he has officially divorced that other lotion brand he used for decades that starts with an A and ends with an O.  He has seen such a positive difference in his skin with CV Skinlabs, he has requested I purchase more…which I’m doing tonight.  A request I’m gleefully willing to fulfill.

CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion is stellar for all types of skin: highly compromised, moderately compromised, and somewhat compromised…(non-compromised skin simply doesn’t exist)

Being that CV Skinlabs has made such a difference in our household, CV Skinlabs and I will be giving away one Body Repair Lotion to one lucky winner in honor of Goddess Huntress’ 5th Birthday! 

Simply Log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

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My Fav Face Bar…Free!

Goddess Huntress | Free Face Bar Gunilla Skin Alchemy

Since I am still glowing from our skincare soiree with Gunilla Skin Alchemy, I’d like to extend that glow to all of you.

With any Gunilla Skin Alchemy purchase at, you will receive a free Clean Face Bar!

From now until October 18th.

Take advantage of my fav face bar. Shop now

Read my Clean Face Bar review HERE


Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

So I must divulge…as a beauty blogger, my skin is not always at its best.  I test and play with a myriad of skincare products, my skincare routine can often be sporadic, which leaves my pores with many personalities.  I also have large pores, leaving me adoring those who have small pores and glowing skin.

Three weeks ago, my mom suggested I get a facial because my pores were noticeably larger and clogged.  It was as if my pores were HD every day.

So I immediately simplified.  I returned to using my fav clay facial soap and now followed with Tata Harper’s Boosted Contouring Serum in the morning, nothing at night.  My pores became clearer and noticeably smaller.  In fact, my skin looked airbrushed in the airport bathroom mirror last week…I was taken aback, because when does skin look good in the airport bathroom!?! Jokes aside, I really was taken aback by my pore size and health, because I always viewed pore minimization as a beauty counter myth.

Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum is a part of the newly launched Supernatural Collection, that has been tested for years in her labs.  The serum formulation is designed to tighten and lift skin along with firming and smoothing skin with long term use.  What is refreshing about this serum is that feels extremely light, yet you don’t need further moisture application.  This bottle is the world’s first glass airless packaging system, always delivering its 35 active ingredients with peak performance freshness.


Really cool stat: 80% of volunteers noticed a reduction in jowls…(can I get a “hell yeah!”?)

Get your tight on HERE

Elle Magazine Green Stars 2013

Goddess Huntress | Elle Magazine Green Stars 2013Congratulations to Elle Magazine Green Stars of 2013!  Some of our favorites at Goddess Huntress made the all-star cut!  Congratulations to Alima Pure for their Luminous Shimmer Eyeliners, Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain, and Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray.

The winners were selected by 15 green makeup artists, hair stylists/colorists, and dermatologists, which included our friend makeup artist and clean beauty  expert Kristen Arnett!

I am looking forward to trying out the other winning products. Check out all the stellar standouts at or pick up the July 2013 issue at newsstands now.

(head on over to The GH Shop to score Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Eyeliner in black, which is just as wonderful as their Luminous Shimmer Eyeliners)
original editorial image via ELLE

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

As you know, I have a hard time getting all healthy when it comes to deodorant. I’ll try a healthy deodorant and I either have to reapply all day or my body’s chemistry defeats its powers after day 3. Finding the right deodorant is such a drain, I feel like an over-dramatic informercial actress getting upset at products that simply do not work.

In my sporadic search for a healthier deodorant, I was happy to receive a couple deodorants from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. I got to try the roll-on and the spray.  They both worked excellently on me at work and at the gym.  The only time it struggled was when I was in 110 degrees Fahrenheit Palm Springs heat sitting by the pool…but, what deodorant wouldn’t struggle then?  I honestly can’t believe that this deodorant is so successful on me, I’m like a scorned lover just waiting for it to turn on me.  I think it is time for me to let my guard down and accept that I finally found a successful deodorant. Hallelujah!

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is free of processed aluminum.  Processed aluminum many times can be absorbed by the skin and passed on to the bloodstream due to its molecular structure.  Naturally Fresh Deodorant is also free of parabens and propylene glycol (a potential toxin to the immune and respiratory systems). While deodorants/anti-perspirant ingredients are a controversial breast cancer topic, using a healthy deodorant is a safer route no matter the conclusion.

Deodorants are a funny creature, because what works for you may not work for me and vice versa, whether healthy or unhealthy…but, I really think you should give this one a try!

Get your Fresh on HERE

Farm Couture FaceWHIP

I had the pleasure of receiving such a beautifully wrapped box from Catherine Ianelli of Farm Couture a few months ago.  I open up my shipment and my senses are immediately transported to a rustic farm lush with wildflowers. A Farm Couture glass jar filled with cream is garnished with dried flowers, a beautiful and thoughtful replacement for the cushioning styrofoam/bubble wrap normally found in shipments.

Catherine is a former NYC celeb esthetician for La Mer and La Prairie. In response to all the chemicals and toxins she and her clients were being exposed to, she developed her hand-crafted skin care line Farm Couture.  Catherine sources all of her ingredients from farms and local artisans.  Farm Couture is free of fragrance, chemicals, and synthetics.

Farm Couture FaceWHIP is a high-end, nourishing blend of goat’s milk, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and citric acid. Goat’s milk is a powerful, gentle, and restorative skin care ingredient. It stimulates collagen production and calms skin irritations.  I have been toting my glass jar of FaceWHIP wherever I go.  Just a dollop goes a long way.  If my skin becomes upset due to traveling or lack of hydration, FaceWHIP immediately calms and restores my skin to supple.

Treat your skin to nourishing farm luxury HERE.

Blue Wonder By Kjaer Weis

Winter blues are not a bad thing when you have Kjaer Weis on your side. This rich, denim blue eyeshadow brings an elegant pick up to your chilly winter greys. A great complement to a sultry, smoky eye.

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow Compact in Blue Wonder is organic, Beauties. Not only is it organic, it doesn’t crease and goes on elegantly. Yes, I used “elegant” twice and I’m going to use it again, because since when have organic and elegant co-existed when describing a cosmetic line? The packaging is absolutely exquisite like a jewel box and gives such an expensive experience. Now what woman doesn’t like to feel expensive and elegant when applying makeup? Oh, and there are honeysuckle and gardenia extracts in this jewel of a compact. Just divine, Beauties.

Kjaer Weis, thank you for wonderful performing colors and the beautiful experience. GH is a forever fan.

Want to boost your winter blues? Get your Kjaer Weis elegance HERE 

Kjaer Weis is Certified Organic by the CCPB (Italian organic certifying authority). Each product is at least 95% organic.