Jae Goe Oil

Remember when I went to Project 8 at the Ace Hotel in NYC a while back to refill my beloved In Fiore facial oils and ran into this soap gem? Well, I also ran into quintessential luxury neatly packaged in a shiny silver tube and brought it home with me.  Jao Goe Oil is wealthy with jojoba butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, gardenia, avocado oil/butter, grape seed butter/oil, cocoa butter, rose hip oil, pumpkin seed butter, mango butter, shea butter, hemp seed oil, chamomile oil, and rosemary. Wow is right…

And guess what? The smell is so fruitful, it will bring a smile to your face (and others).  You can use Goe Oil in many ways.  I always slather it on after showering. I apply a drop to my hands and scrunch my already dry hair with it for fragrant, moisturizing body or spin my hair around in a fragrant bun for bed. This oil came to my aid in the cold, dry mountain air of Lake Tahoe for my friend Bridgett’s wedding last week (you saw the pics). Oh, and it is fantastic for moisturizing cuticles and hands as well!

If you don’t trust my word on this, I will tell you that former Guest Goddess Liz DiAlto ordered this oil instantly after I shared a drop with her… that’s total back up if you ask me!

Oh, and a little Goes a long way…if you are not as addicted as I am!

Ready to Goe decadent?  Get yours HERE

Goddess Goodies December Giveaway!

I let you into one of my mojo secrets last month with the November giveaway.  Now I’m letting you into the next one.

Thank you, Intelligent Nutrients.

I have been slathering Intelligent Nutrients Seductive Make Love Anti-Aging Total Body Elixer for the past two months and it is really a magnet, Beauties.  I’d suggest that all of you slather some on every day…

And if you are one lucky Beauty, you will!  Cheers to a seductive 2012!

On January 3rd, I will give away a Seductive Make Love Oil to one lucky GH newsletter subscriber!!!

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January 3rd Winner update:  The winner is Maureen!!!  I will email you shortly, Beauty!

Dermadoctor MED e TATE Sweat Control Wipes

I’ll be straight forward.  I was pretty skeptical when my girlfriend Tawni introduced me to MED e TATE Sweat Control Wipes. Of course, I raise my eyebrows and think “this must be all kinds of toxic.” I plug it into the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database and I soon find out that it is extremely low in toxins.  My next natural reaction is, “But, does it work?”

I got my answer first hand when I attended a black tie gala for the Saint Francis Foundation in San Francisco last week.


These sweat control wipes are not meant for daily use, but really for special occasions when you are really prone to sweat.  Think weddings, galas, speaking gigs, really hot date, etc.  Also, these wipes do not just deter underarm sweat, MED e TATE wipes can be used on the face and body as well.  This is an excellent solution for those who have hyper-active sweat glands.  The medication in the wipes mimics botox, which is widely used for overactive sweat glands.

MED e TATE wipes worked so well at the gala, I didn’t even remember to “check” myself throughout the evening and an 80 year-old guest picked up on me and comments in my ear, “I hope that dress doesn’t fall off.”  Well, maybe it was my mojo that brought on that comment, not my dry underarms!

Stop your sweat with Dermadoctor’s MED e TATE wipes HERE

Sultry Bedroom Eyes

I pretty much can’t leave my home without eyeliner everyday.  If I do, I feel completely naked.

While I’m a eyeliner lovah, I keep peepers protected with clean, non-toxic eyeliner (who really wants toxins so close to the windows of their soul?).   I use something that isn’t even eyeliner.  I use some little magic pills that relieve your tummy of gas.  Charcoal. For reals.

If you stroll your pharmacy aisles you’ll find bottles of activated charcoal sitting right next to good ol’ milk of magnesia. Activated charcoal comes in tablets and in capsules.

To get a sultry, soft smudge moisten a flat edged eye brush in water and dab on a charcoal tablet and line eye.  To get a more defined and concentrated dark line (as Lindsey Wixson pictured above), get your favorite eyeliner brush really wet and swirl on the tablet or charcoal powder from an opened capsule (think of how you used watercolors when you were a kid) and line eyes.

Who knew that indigestion could be oh, so sexy and healthy?  Leave it to Cleopatra.


Goddess Goodies November Giveaway!

So, I’m letting you in on one of my “mojo” secrets.  I loyally rock black coconut oil everyday thanks to my girl Chelsea, who I deem the queen of essential oils.  Let me just say black coconut oil brings a lot of soothing joy and surprise snuggling from those you come in close contact with.  Oh, and it transports you and all around you to a tropical island too…we can all use some palm trees everyday of our lives!

So, on Friday I will be giving away a bottle of black coconut oil to one of my lucky newsletter subscribers!

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December 2nd Winner update:  The winner is Jules!!!  I will email you shortly, Beauty!

Soleil Organique

You know I have dedicated this month to breast health (like the rest of us) and that I love me some skin health.  I couldn’t imagine these two beautiful causes colliding, and thankfully they have!

Let me introduce you to Soleil Organique, that is if you haven’t already met.  Soleil Organique is a brand new line of non-toxic skincare/suncare with a boost of luxury.  What is excitingly notable is that Soleil Organique, having only been on the market for a year +, made the Environmental Working Group’s Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen 2011 List with their 100% Mineral Sunblock For Body SPF 45!  S.O. is no rookie to expert sun protection.

Ok, so now you are familiar with their sun MVP cred, now let’s help them out with their breast cred!

During the month of October, S.O. will be donating a dollar with every Facebook like to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That’s right, all you do is “like” Soleil Organique and they will immediately send a dollar over on your behalf!  And that’s not all, S.O. is donating 20% of all purchases made this month on their site to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as well!

Soleil Organique is definitely superior luxury skincare.

Give S.O. some Facebook love HERE

Get your S.O. skincare and promote further breast health HERE




Why is this such a daunting post for me to write?  It must be because I don’t use any.  I haven’t for years.

If anything, I spot treat with my wonderful concealer by RMS.  I do this because I prefer my skin to breathe and look natural.  Too many women slather on the foundation that have beautiful skin and it just leaves for a manufactured, old fashioned, facial finish.  Yes, I’m very opinionated here.  Foundation finished with powder is something for film, photo shoots, and special events.  It isn’t very suited for daily life.

There isn’t a daily need, but there is a need for foundation.  We all have special occasions to be a part of whether you are the bride, actress, performer, family portrait victim, or Kardashian (yes, I took it there).

Here are a couple of outstanding foundations in the clean beauty world that are best to be slathered, patted, and or dabbed on our faces, depending on our coverage needs:

Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Jane Iredale mineral makeup is free of the nasties that GH abhors: talc, parabens, and fragrance.  Jane’s mineral formulations allow skin to breathe, which is great for your “morning after” skin.  No one wants solicited breakouts.  Jane Iredale also has fantastic foundations and powders with SPF protection that have made the “Best” list with The Environmental Working Group. You know how much I love some healthy sunscreen!

RMS Beauty

If you are looking for lighter coverage or more specifically, spot coverage/concealer, RMS Beauty’s Un-Cover Up is your go-to.  It melts into your skin and is completely moisturizing and non-toxic.   Apply lightly where needed.  If you are using it as concealer, you will be ecstatic to see that it will not sit on top of your skin with a dry, crackly finish. You don’t even need eye cream!

Mo-jo: Now I know that many of you are daily foundation wearers. I may have struck a personal nerve with my foundation principles.  I challenge you to take a break from your foundation for a week, just for a week.  You are probably going to realize that your skin insecurity was unwarranted and manufactured by the beauty industry.  

Come on, it is just 7 days.  Are you in?  

Give us your foundation freedom updates in the comments below!



In Fiore Soleil Before Sun Treatment

In the States, it is Labor Day weekend, our last hurrah for summer.  So that gives me another opportunity to talk about sun protection, and you know how much I love talking about healthy sun protection!

(Ha! Do you really see me taking 9 mos. off from protecting your skin from UV rays?  Nah, you know me better than that!)

Let’s put some luxury into your sun protection, or rather, let In Fiore rock your luxury.  In Fiore’s Soleil Fleur is a beautiful medley of green tea, calendula, rosehips, acai berry, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, chamomile, lavender, myrrh, vitamin E, and aloe.  That is a mouthful, but come to think of it, how many of your products can really boast a line up like that?  Oh, and I didn’t mention the other ingredients like avocado oil, seaweed, and frankincense oil (btw, frankincense is being shown in many studies to combat cancer cells).  Seriously the list goes on and on.

Essentially, all the antioxidants that are elegantly packed into this bottle are UV protectors and destroyers of cancer cell formation. In my book, that is your daily sun protection jackpot.  It also protects from further hyper pigmentation.

To incorporate In Fiore Soleil Fleur Before Sun treatment into your daily regimen, just cleanse as you would normally, tone, and apply 3 pumps of Before Sun Treatment, and your daily moisturizing SPF.

In Fiore Soleil Fleur is the best additional boost to your daily SPF.

Done and done.

Get yours here.

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

Ok, I was skeptical when I heard that Scotch Naturals Nail Polish was non-toxic.  So many nail brands are now “3 free”, which means free from formaldehyde (no mortuary preservatives, thank you), toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (quite the mouthful of letters there).  Yet, despite the absence of those three carcinogens, there are other chemicals that reside in nail polishes that are not ideal, but are definitely the better slash healthier alternative.

I honestly felt that I had to pick my battles with nail color: scary toxic vs. better toxins vs. bare nails. My toes are never without color and I’m a notorious finger nail chipper, so my fingers go bare and my toes are always lacquered with the better stuff.

Now before I go off and rave about Scotch Naturals, let me tell you why you should be very aware of what those brushstrokes are dripping onto your nails.  While we may think of our nails as a hard, dead surface it really is one of the most highly absorbent parts of our bodies.  Think about what happens when you are in the shower or washing dishes, your nails become instantly soft and drunk with water.  Now go to the manicurist’s chair, what does she do after your soak?  Yes, she cuts or pushes back your cuticles. Then she goes right in with the nail polish on your absorbent sponge canvases, a.k.a. nails.  Yikes.

Ok, now that I painted the toxin picture for you, we can move on to the clean stuff!

Scotch Naturals is actually a spin-off from children’s nail polish brand, Hopscotch Kids.  Founder Ginny Cardenas created Hopscotch Kids nail polishes as an alternative to the toxin heavy lacquers marketed to children.   Then Ginny brought over her very successful 3 ingredient formulas to the adult world and created Scotch Naturals.

Scotch Naturals‘ polishes are not only “3 free”, they are also free of ethyl acetate (neurotoxin), nitrocellulose (organ toxin), butyl acetate (skin, lung, eye irritant), acetone (neuro and organ toxin, irritant), and heavy metals.  The polishes are water-based, perform at a salon level, and come in chic, fashion-forward color tones.  There is also a soy-based polish remover and a plant-based polish remover for those who have soy allergies. What’s jaw dropping is that all their products contain only 3 ingredients! Brilliant (in the most literal form of the word).

My nails are very happily polished and I don’t feel any toxin remorse (I am the proud founder of that disorder).  Oh, and I dropped “manicure” and “pedicure” from my vocabulary.  Just don’t look at me weird when I say, “My nails could so go for a Scotch right now.”

Want some Scotch?  Get yours here.