My Controversial Views On SPF Spray

Goddess Huntress | #ghspf

I’ve been asked many times about my take on SPF sprays from reputable, clean SPF brands (meaning those brands that excel in EWG’s annual Sunscreen Report).  While I use EWG’s report as my end-all guide, I do veer off when it comes to sprays.

Sprays are a complete no-no in EWG’s book and with good reason: sprays are easily inhaled and can get into eyes.  Sprays are solely formulated to sit on skin, you do not want any of those particles to have access to your lungs.

That said, I use EXTRA precaution when using SPF sprays. I close my eyes, hold my breath, spray a portion of my body, and quickly walk away. Then I repeat in a different location, since those fumes do hover and linger in the airspace.

Here is what I find sprays very helpful for:

  • scalp protection…(to protect my hair part from getting sunburned)
  • face (when I forget to put my lotion on before makeup, I spray my mug after makeup)
  • feet (I don’t want my sandals getting white residue from lotion)
  • to avoid white residue marks on clothing

Hold your breath. Close your eyes. Spray. Walk away fast. Repeat.

Be mindful of full coverage on skin.

As for recommended sprays, I stock up on COOLA, especially the 50 SPF spray.  I’ve heard great things about The Honest Company SPF spray from many people.  Honest only offers it in 30 SPF, which I hope they add higher SPFs to the collection.

No matter your preference, make sure you are properly protected with high-performing, healthy sunscreens.  The United States Surgeon General just called for action to reduce skin cancer rates this past Tuesday. Skin cancer rates have ballooned 200% in the past three decades, higher than all other cancers combined. Scary stuff.

It just isn’t worth it. Get protected…every day.

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