Woodenspirations + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Woodenspirations + Woodchuck Giveaway

I adore all wooden product design.  Its grain soothes and is the perfect compliment to metal and glass. To me it just makes the product look so modern.

Here are a few items on my wooden beauty adore list.  A couple of them I already own, love, and continue to adore (brush and iPhone skin). Listen up, remaining 3, I’d like to acquire you…like ASAP!

1/Woodchuck iPhone Wood Skin

2/Villeroy & Boch Wood Tray (use it as a vanity tray!)

3/Yukio Hashimoto Wooden Teacups (also can be used for cotton ball/swab storage)

4/Alima Pure #25 Foundation Brush

5/Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

Goddess Huntress | Woodchuck iPhone Case Giveaway

I am giving away 2 Woodchuck iPhone cases (4/4S) to two lucky Goddess Huntress readers!

|Contest now closed| To win/In the comments below, share your favorite wooden item. This could be the tree you climbed as a child, a piece of furniture, the splinter you successfully removed, longboard skateboard, that rickety roller coaster…you get the idea!

(GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE)

Winner will be announced here in this post on Wednesday, May 29th.

Winner update/Congratulations, Carris and Candi!!! I will email you both shortly!

After you submit your comment, check out Woodchuck’s Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got some sweet bonuses for your pledges!

Pin It To Win It

Goddess Huntress | Melanoma Awareness Pinterest Contest

In honor of Melanoma Awareness Month, Goddess Huntress will be giving away a bottle of COOLA Suncare SPF 45 to a lucky Pinterest pinner of the Goddess Huntress Melanoma Awareness board!

To join this board, send your email to info@goddesshuntress.com, and we’ll send you an invite. Pin skin cancer prevention tips, facts, videos, infographics, etc. Think outside of the box and pin beautiful summer images with your tips in the text…cancer prevention should be beautiful! 

The pinner with the most “likes” will win a wonderful tube of COOLA Suncare protection!

Winner will be picked on June 1st.

May the best pin win!

*Pins subject to removal to maintain the integrity of skin cancer prevention safety (i.e. DIY sunscreen recipes, poorly performing sunscreens, etc.)

 The GH Shop is donating 10% of each COOLA Suncare sale to the Melanoma Research Foundation during the month of May. Get protected!

Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Fragrance Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Fragrance GiveawaySince Goddess Huntress readers are planting a billion trees with Lavanila’s Earth Month campaign with all your Twitter follows, Facebook likes, and Instagram follows, Lavanila wants to reward one lucky Goddess Huntress reader with Vanilla Coconut The Healthy Fragrance!

CONTEST CLOSED. To win: In the comments below, tell us the one thing you couldn’t live without if you were stranded on a dreamy, lush, tropical island. (Commenters who are Goddess Huntress newsletter subscribers get an automatic second entry)

Winner will be announced here in this post Wednesday, May 1st. (yep, May is upon us!)

Winner update: Congratulations, Em!  You are going to smell all gorgeous in coconut!

Earth Day Giveaway With Josie Maran!

Goddess Huntress | Earth Day With Josie Maran

In commemoration of Earth Day, Josie Maran and handsome Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries have created a limited‐edition, Honey‐Chamomile‐Lavender scented collection of Argan Oil‐infused beautifiers for face, hair, and body. The collection sales will help build the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and its Animal Sanctuary for abused animals.

Committed to providing a healing, educational journey for all living creatures. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) believes in the interconnectedness of all living things. By collaborating with other like‐minded organizations, the foundation channels its efforts into transforming our planet for the better. The ISF focuses on initiatives that preserve natural habitats, promote “greener” technologies, and protect our animal population.

With the help of friends like Ian who want to better our world, Josie is inviting each of her customers to be model citizens: Ten percent of the purchase price of every limited‐edition set will be donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

The limited‐edition collection contains a trio of Argan‐infused bestsellers, scented with an intoxicating Honey‐Chamomile‐Lavender oils and enhanced with a radiant, luminescent shimmer: 100% Pure Argan Oil + Radiance,  Argan Oil Hair Serum + Radiance, and Whipped Argan Oil Illuminizing Body Butter.

And guess what? Josie Maran is giving away her 100% Pure Argan Oil + Radiance to 5 Goddess Huntress readers! Yes, 5 readers!

For your chance to win: Share your tip on how to be more mindful of the Earth in the comments below. (Home, gardening, charity, beauty tips, etc.) Commenters that are GH newsletter subscribers have double the chances of winning!

CONTEST CLOSED. Winners will be announced Friday, April 26th here in this post.

WINNER UPDATE: Caroline, Jean, Wendy, Menua, and Trista…CONGRATS! I will email you soon for all of your winning info.

(Extra thanks to Ian Somerhalder for being so easy on the eyes!)

KYI Body Oil Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Know Your Ingredients Body Oil Giveaway

I’m not feeling so hot.  The past couple days I’ve been a tad achey with a sore throat and a constant slight headache.    Yesterday I reveled in my get-well time, did not touch my computer, made a gorgeous vegetable soup (which I will share with you next week), and embraced my bathrobe with the rainfall outside my windows. Even though I’m feeling off par, I am so thankful of our bodies’ way of telling us to repair and nourish ourselves.

So, I thought this is a perfect time for an ultra repairing and nourishing giveaway!

This time there will be 3 winners!  Three lucky GH readers will win a bottle of Know Your Ingredients Sweet Almond Softening Oil in the scent of your choice.  KYI’s Softening Oil has been my go-to post-shower oil for months now.  (Read the GH review)

CONTEST CLOSED To enter, tell me how you treat and nourish yourself while sick. Your cure-alls are much appreciated!!! (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on Monday, February 25th.

Lots of luck and repair!


Winner update: Congratulations to Chelsea Jo, Jana, and Mindy!

Green Tea DIY Beauty + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Green With Envy

Confession: used tea bags skeeve me out.  While I’m an avid tea slurper, those couple seconds that it takes for me to toss the used, wet bag in the trash bin could not go by any quicker.  I also give my bags a second go, by pouring another cup.  There is so much goodness in that little green tea satchel, I just can’t throw it away. The second cup is so light and mellow to pass up.

Here is how you can skip tossing that bag so quickly and fully absorb the left over anti-aging, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory goodness.

Goddess Huntress | Green Tea Mask

  • after brewing a cup, open the post-brew bag and set those leaves free into a small bowl
  • add a tsp-tbsp of either/all of the following:

Yogurt (for “normal” skin)

Honey (for oily/acne-prone skin)

Avocado (for dry-“normal” skin)

  • combine together, slather on skin, absorb the antioxidants for 10 minutes
  • rinse off with lukewarm water, pat dry and apply your favorite facial oil

Goddess Huntress | Green Tea Toner + SPF Booster

  • simply brew a cup of green tea
  • let cool, then pour into small spray bottle
  • spray on face as a toner and spray before applying sunscreen (allow to dry)

Guess what? I have more beautifying tea to giveaway!  

Celestial Seasonings is hooking up one more Goddess Huntress reader with a month’s worth of Green and Wellness Tea!

Contest is now closed–To enter, tell us your ultimate tea moment, past or future. (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on Thursday, January 31st. 

Got tea obsessed friends? Send this article their way!

Winner update: Congratulations to Rachael!

My Cup Of Green Tea + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Celestial Seasonings Giveaway

Tea Time.

I remember when I first moved to New York, there was a show covering Moby’s recently opened tea house Teany in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  In the piece, Moby says, “Everything just slows down when you drink tea.”   I remember thinking, “Wow. That is true. Everything does slow down.”  Everyday since then when I pour myself a cup a tea I repeat the quote in my head, which is daily.  Moby struck a chord.

The beauty of slowing everything down is relaxation and having a chance to really look around. Those slow, antioxidant-infused sips initiate cell repair and skin’s defenses. I am partial to green, white, and herbal teas for all of its botanical antioxidants. Let’s talk green today, it is a powerhouse of a tea.

  • Aside from being anti-inflammatory, it revives dying cells.  How’s that for magic?
  • It is rich in Vitamin C, key for cell regeneration, along with Vitamins D, K, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Boom.
  • It reduces sunburn damage and increases skin’s natural SPF. Yes, please!

Celestial Seasonings has spoiled me with a month’s abundance of their Green and Wellness Teas.  And guess what?  I get to give away a month’s full of soothing, anti-aging abundance to one lucky GH reader!!!

To enter, tell us how you are slowing down for 2013 in the comments below. I’ll start off the comments with my juicy 2013 slow down. (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on January 18th!

Winner update: Congratulations to Rene!!!  

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Prosperity Elixir + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Valentina's Home Brewed Prosperity Elixir

Prosperity and prowess to take on 2013.

Any time you are going to set your intention for the day, the moment, the year, Valentina’s Home-Brewed is a powerful accompaniment to your life wishes.   Valentina MacAdams incorporates life-giving magickal energy of herbs into her bath salts, teas, and now body elixirs.

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Prosperity Elixir is a massage oil and bath oil all wrapped up in botanical positivity.  Anise, cardamom, and cacao (yes, cacao), coconut oil, orange, and geranium awaken your sense of fortune. Add some spoonfuls to your bath, set your intention, and be soothed.  Massage every day into skin. Or simply remove the cap and take a couple peaceful deep breaths.  Dab on as fragrance and get a bolder skip to your step.

Valentina’s Home Brewed wants you to enjoy prosperous rituals from here on out by giving one lucky GH reader a bottle of Prosperity Magickal Bath & Body Elixir!

To enter, share what makes you full of fortune in the comments below.  Go ahead and gratitude brag, Beauties! (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post Monday, December 17th.

Winner Update: Congrats to Cori!

Doing some holiday shopping? Give some magick to friends, family, and neighbors.  Pick up your teas, bath salts, and body elixirs at Valentina’s Home-Brewed.

Kensington Apothecary Rose Butter Miracle Balm + Giveaway

I am a lover of roses.  To specify, I am a lover of a rose’s fragrance.  I don’t know what it is about roses, I just take longer deep breaths and become so relaxed.  In fact, rose absolute is one of my favorite essential oil fragrances to wear.

Now roses are my favorite moisturizers, thanks to Kensington Apothecary.  I am covering myself with roses every time I step out of the shower. Kensington Apothecary’s Rose Butter Miracle Balm delivers moisture where ever and whenever you need it. Organic coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and rose absolute serves as a full body moisturizer, hand moisturizer, deodorant, lip balm, and of course as a moisturizing fragrance.  Most certainly it is ideal for dry cuticles and hands that have had moisture zapped from gloves and winter  weather.

Kensington Apothecary will be giving away their heaven sent Rose Butter Miracle Balm to one rose loving Goddess Huntress reader! 

To enter, share your favorite rose color or type of rose in the comments below.  (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post Monday, December 17th.

Winner Update:  Congratulations to Samantha!

Doing some holiday shopping?  Get your Rose Butter Miracle Balm by just clicking on this landing page and you will be taken directly to Kensington Apothecary’s email.  They are brand, brand, brand new. While you email them for your Miracle Balm, don’t forget to tell them that I love them, will ‘ya?