Q+A with Makeup Artist Gloria Noto

Goddess Huntress | Q & A With Makeup Artist Gloria Noto

Goddess Huntress | Makeup Artist Gloria Noto's Work

You may already be familiar with makeup artist Gloria Noto’s work and not even know it.  Her talent has graced the faces of Shailene Woodley, Lykke Li, Milla Jovovich, Sasha Grey, and Christina Hendricks, to name a few. Gloria has also worked on advertising campaigns with BCBG, Herve Leger, Stussy, and Nasty Gal.

Gloria (who is quite the stunner if you ask me) leads a very holistic life and exercises that holistic muscle in her work.  She is an avid lover of balance utilizing clean cosmetics and skincare on set and on the red carpet…and she makes a mean lip tint from beets..a must see video.  So, yes, I fell in love.

I interviewed Gloria during the holidays and fell even more in love with her work. Without further ado…

GH/ You come from a creative family, very tactile creative parents, an interior designer and ironsmith.  How did you develop your love for makeup artistry?

GN/ I am not completely sure how it all started, but I do remember my mother and my older sister who I basically Idolized always getting ready to the tops.  My sister is 16 years older than I am so in the 90’s she was the epitome of cool.  I would go shopping with her, and watch her put her makeup on and she would always play dress up on me.  I was always interested in beauty, weather it be fashion, art, nature.  I was always observant of features on people and the structure of things, ever since I can remember.

GH/ Do you have a poignant beauty memory from your childhood?

GN/ I remember when I was beginning elementary school, the discovery of punk and alternative music.  That shifted everything for me.  I grew up listening to a lot of classical and jazz, which I loved..but when I discovered harder music and the lifestyle that came along with my world changed.  I got a guitar and started to make my own clothing and think about what I could use with random objects, or how to see an object differently.   The fashion part all started with my first job at a Thrift Store called Rescued Treasures in Detroit when I was 15.  Plaid pants and vintage tee’s, records, bowling shoes, and very old books were my life.

Goddess Huntress | Gloria Noto Views On Beauty

GH/ High performance, rich pigments, luxurious textures/finishes, and long wear are required of the products you use on the job, be it a photo shoot, magazine editorial, ad campaign, or celebrity. What clean beauty products have you incorporated in your work that meet or excel those high demands?

GN/ To be honest high pigments aren’t as big of a concern in my work.  For me it’s more about texture, opacity, and the ability to be flexible and manipulate.  I like products that can be layered to mimic skin but enhance or create incredible depth.   I love RMS living Illuminizer, which is a raw organic coconut base glow that I use almost every time.  I love creams of all sorts and I love the Makeup Forever great palette with 12 or so colors in them…this way I can create almost any color needed or change a color I already have.

GH/ Tell us more about the beet-stained lips you created for actress Shailene Woodley. How did you control the color? (btw, those were some damn, sexy beets in the video)

GN/ Beets have been used for color purposes for centuries and centuries.  The depth that can be achieved and the longevity of the stain is pretty amazing.  If you are using the juice straight from the beet, you can control the depth by adding layer after layer, each obviously getting more intense.  Beets also come in a few different colors, heirloom beets can be baby pink and even yellow!

GH/ Aside from being a makeup artist, you are also the Editor In Chief of The Work Magazine, a fashion and art publication, and you recently launched Set Daze, showcasing exclusive makeup editorials…both of which are gorgeously curated. With such a wonderfully full schedule, what is your healthy daily go-to that provides you with beauty sustenance and focus? 

GN/ This area of my life may be of most importance.  I am very active.  I try to go on some sort of adventure, be it locally or not as often as possible.  I also get to the gym 4-7 days a week, depending on how I am feeling and how or where work is.  I try to eat as clean as possible, meaning whole foods.  Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t over eat, haha because I do eat quite a bit.  But It’s foods that are good for me, so I have less guilt and I feel good.  I take adrenal supplements to aid in stress and all around good vibes and I eat a lot of protein and chocolate to keep me going.  I often try to take a small cooler with food to keep me on track, but it can be difficult with catering on jobs.  That is my downfall.   I also try to drink a green veggie juice as often as possible, and LOTS of green tea.  Phew..I could keep going.

Goddess Huntress | Gloria Noto Understood

 GH/ And finally, you manage to capture so much sensuality from the women your Touch Up videos on Set Daze.  The video series you are building is truly one of a kind.  So I must ask in return of your video muses and in total Gloria Noto fashion…what is your idea of beauty?

GN/ Beauty is such a subjective concept.  I have so many views on what beauty is to me.  It can’t be one thing.  I often find so much beauty in decay, the end of something, in pain, and in darkness..I am a hopeless romantic, truly.  BUT I also find beauty in the obvious, in nature, and in the universe.   It’s all one in the same to me.

Now what make me feel beautiful?  Self confidence, self love, taking care of myself and nurturing myself from the gifts that the earth has provided, dancing with myself and my eyes closed, though that has brought on a few black eyes and a busted nose, and being around people who I am inspired by and love, people who understand me and I them…after all…we all want to be understood.

True indeed.

View more of Gloria’s beautiful editorials on the regular on Set Daze

Interview With Philosophie’s Sophie Jaffe

Goddess Huntress | A GH Interview Philosophie

Sophie Jaffe is the green brain behind the superfood brand Philosophie.  You may have indulged in Philosophie’s superfood powder blends in some of the juice bars in Los Angeles, such as Equinox Gyms and Kreation Juice, or have seen it at Whole Foods.  Philosophie is incredibly delicious (hello cacao!), which is not a common trait with superfood powders (this is coming from an avid sipper of superfood drinks).

Having worked as personal chef for celebrities (ahem, George Clooney), Sophie uses her culinary creativity to incorporate superfood powders in all foods.  With Philosophie you can toss out the usual “just add water or your favorite juice” instructions.

Not only is she the antioxidant queen, she is also a mother of two…with impeccable glowing skin, I must say.

GH/ What led you to develop Philosophie? 

SJ/ Philosophie was born after I grew tired of working for a juice bar and creating cleanses for hundreds of people every month but not being appreciated (financially + emotionally) for my hard work. I split away and started creating cleanse programs for clients out of my kitchen. From there I noticed I was using the same superfoods in the same recipes over and over again, so combined them all into one jar to make my life easier. Thus, Philosophie superfoods were born.

GH/ You are very creative with recipes that incorporate your superfood powder and you are a mother of two. Can you share a couple ways you get your children excited about Philosophie?

SJ/ Yessss I have to be creative with two picky boys! Although they both have healthy appetites, my Virgo 3 year old decides what he likes and doesn’t and if that day he doesn’t like green, I need to get creative! I usually let Kai pick a food he loves or is craving and then use that as my inspiration. If he says he wants ice cream, I make a delicious Berry Bliss + Green Dream mousse and add tons of ice so he thinks it’s an ice cream. I’ll even put it in a gluten-free cone and add 4 rainbow sprinkles just so he’ll eat the superfood rich “ice cream”. If it’s breakfast time and he wants oatmeal I’ll add nut butter, some green dream honey and Cacao Magic powder for “Chocolate Oats”. If he wants a PB&J I mix one of the superfoods in with almond butter and layer it with fresh fruit + Philosophie infused manuka honey. I truly “Make Every Food a Superfood” because, why not?

GH/ I find it refreshing that you have “grounding dinners”.  Can you tell GH readers what that is?

SJ/ Most of the day I will eat a high raw food diet (lots of veggies, fruit/veggies juice, fresh fruit, nuts, etc) and that’s what keeps my energy soaring. In the evening I need to unplug, unwind and recharge. I usually eat a grounding dinner–something that makes me feel connected to my “yin” side and allows me to shut down for the night and relax. Sometimes that’s something comforting like a quinoa pasta and homemade sauce, other times it’s a piece of fish and roasted veggies. It depends on my mood + what my body is craving but almost always includes something cooked.

GH/ Which one of your superfood blends is the most power-packed for skin health?

SJ/ ohhhh this is hard to pick! The Cacao Magic is AWESOME for skin because it has raw cacao powder + nibs which are super abundant in antioxidants. Berry Bliss contains the highest vitamin C rich foods on the planet, including camu-camu. All of my clients notice an increased “glow” + clearer skin after using any of the superfood blends because they are loaded with the top antioxidant foods of the earth. 

GH/ Ok, you must have a naughty indulgence once in a while.  Divulge. (We won’t judge!) 

SJ/ once in a while? I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It’s an extremely rare day if I go without some sort of indulgence and/or chocolate. I literally eat raw cacao every single day. I laughed out loud when I saw this question because I’m sitting here chowin’ on these Cacao Magic truffles that taste like a mix between flourless chocolate cake and an almond joy. Life is all about letting go and giving in after you’ve worked hard and earned it. I work out and am active regularly, I eat super well most of the time and sweets make me happy. I have a blessed life and I intend to enjoy every moment and live it to the fullest. That includes indulgences! My mantra is “it’s a treat, not a cheat!” I see so many others in my field talking about “cheat meals”… that’s just not how I look at food. Food is beautiful and as long as it’s REAL food; anything is fine in moderation. 

GH/ Wow, that is probably the best mantra I have heard in a very long time!

Goddess Huntress | Philosophie Superfood Blends Recipes

Purchase Philosophie’s delicious skin foods HERE

If you will be in Los Angeles this weekend, November 10th, you can meet Sophie Jaffe at Goddess On The Go.  She will be serving smoothie samples to all of the attendees.  Come get your cacao on!

Interview With Tata Harper + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | An Interview With Tata Harper & Giveaway

It is no secret. I love Tata Harper. There is nothing not to love.

Tata Harper Skincare has seamlessly married natural skincare and luxury skincare, formulations bonded in cutting edge technology. Her emphasis on natural technology, probably fueled by her engineering background, has led to the launch of her Supernatural Collection, three anti-aging serums delivering concentrated antioxidants. And guess, what…you see results.

She is shifting the skincare industry.

I had the pleasure to interview Tata and am thrilled to share her insight with you.

GH/ You really have set the benchmark for outstanding clean, luxury skincare.  What influenced you to create Tata Harper Skincare?

TH/ It was all born out of a personal mission to create high-performance, luxurious skincare products that were 100% natural and nontoxic for real. After my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer about ten years ago, my family and I made a decision to go natural and nontoxic wherever possible in our lives, so my search for completely safe replacements for my high-tech antiaging skincare began, and I came up empty handed. Everything I found during my search was a combination of natural and synthetic; no one had created an antiaging line that delivered results without a single synthetic chemical ingredient. I was sure it could be done, and I was sure there were other women like myself who were searching for beauty without compromise, so the journey began. The line took five years to formulate and a team of eight European chemists; we started from scratch instead of buying formula bases like most skincare companies. We stayed true to our goals of creating skincare that really works with zero synthetics, and now that the world is catching on to the importance of safety in skincare, labs around the world are discovering amazing new active ingredients. It’s an exciting world to be a part of!

GH/ You are also one of the first pioneers to fuse advanced science + technology with completely natural skincare formulations, I bet your chemists and biologists must have a ball in the labs. Any exciting/surprising discoveries you can share?

TH/ We’re discovering new things all the time! I always have a stack of scientific articles with me from labs around the world that are investing in natural technology. Our product creation process is a little different than that of most beauty companies; first, we start with a product function – like, what do we need this product to do? For what skintype? And then we look for the most amazing natural ingredient technology that can deliver the result we want, with research that proves that it works. We don’t start with a price point – we create the most efficacious product possible, and then see what we’ve got. It’s a fun process! As for exciting discoveries, those are top secret :) but we are working on a body lotion for the spring, as well as a new aromatherapy treatment!

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Vermont Farm

GH/ Also unique, is that a great amount of your ingredients are actually grown on your organic 1200 acre farm, Julius Kingdom Farm! Is it a breath of fresh air to have quality control of your ingredients in your backyard?

TH/ It’s definitely an amazing part of the business; it gives us a lot of control over the quality and also means there’s a little bit of our Vermont home in each bottle. It helps us keep the carbon footprint of the business lower, too, since we’re at least supplying fifteen ingredients from our own farm every year, so there’s less to ship around the world. Plus, we are certain we can trust that they’re grown sustainably, since our farm is certified Organic. If we could, we’d love to source everything locally, but the rest of our ingredients come from all around the world – Israel, Crete, the Amazon, Canada, Poland, etc. The ingredients are amazingly powerful and have incredible stories, so we love that our formulas are both global and local.

GH/ You grew up in Colombia and trained as an engineer there.  Were you the least bit interested about beauty as a little girl or did that develop later on?

TH/ I’ve been someone who loved to buy and experience new types of skincare and beauty products since I was a young girl, which is an interest that came from spending a lot of time with my grandmother, mother and sisters doing beauty rituals together on the weekends. Making exfoliating masks, creating creams and oils to use on our skin – we spent mostSaturday mornings together just beautifying. So I’ve always loved skincare, and it’s always been important to me to take care of my skin and have good preventative antiaging habits – but I had no plans on entering the beauty business until much later.

GH/ Lastly…we all have our naughty indulgences…mine are wine and french fries. What would you say is yours? (no worries, we won’t judge!)

TH/ I definitely indulge in sweet snacks throughout the day – mostly chocolate. I have a major sweet tooth!

And now Tata and I have a gift for you! We are giving away a bundle of my four favorite Tata Harper Skincare products to one lucky GH reader! Valued over $430

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Giveaway

Tata Harper is spoiling one GH reader with her Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, Boosted Contouring Serum, and Revitalizing Body Oil!   Simply Log in with your facebook or email below,and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

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Fine print – Each entrant will be automatically subscribed to the Tata Harper Skincare email newsletter. A fine newsletter, at that!

Safe Eyelash Glue

Goddess Huntress | Georgie BeautyAnyone know about lash glue that doesn’t have any bad chemicals? I want to try individual lashes eventually, but the glue available at CVS (Duo Lash Glue) has formaldehyde in it. Blech!


Fake eyelash sales have seen a huge surge in the past couple years and with good reason.  What woman wouldn’t love a boost to their lash line?  The downside of fake lush lashes is the glue…the toxins are MAJOR…aka formaldehyde.  Beware of lash adhesive products claiming to be “non-toxic”; they may be without formaldehyde, but they have other dangerous ingredients lurking in their formulations.

Send in Georgie Beauty to the rescue!  Free of formaldehyde, parabens, ureas, phthalates,and synthetic fragrance, Georgie Beauty allows you to add on sensual, luscious lashes with peace.  It also has organic chamomile to soothe skin.  This is your cleanest option.

I never feature products on GH that I haven’t tried.  Here I make the exception because the last thing I want close to your eyes is formaldehyde and false lashes are so heavily used by women.  While I may not be one of them, you bet I am going to start flirting with lashes now since Georgie Beauty is bringing some fresh air to the marketplace. Spread the clean word.

Get your lash on HERE

(Thanks to Ashley for posting this great question on Facebook last week!)

Have any of you Beauties batted your lashes to Georgie Beauty?


Do You Feel Your Breasts?

 Do you examine your breasts for lumps regularly?

This question actually came from my mom the other night.  My sheepish answer was, “No.”  Here I am writing about cancer prevention on the regular, but I don’t even feel myself up on the regular.  That is a shame.

With the rising rate of breast cancer, I have a feeling I am not the only one skipping out on the monthly self exams.

40% of breast cancers are detected by a woman feeling a lump.  

So, how about we all get started today.  

  1. Set up a monthly notification now on our calendars and phones for our self-exams.
  2. Feel away in the shower, in front of the mirror, or lying down with these instructions, courtesy of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Once you are done, you can be so bold to let us know in the comments below. And if you have to wait to exam because of your menstrual cycle (as I do), you can be just as bold by letting us know that your new monthly notifications are all set up!


Is GH Cruelty-Free?

I received an email last week regarding an extremely important topic and cause.  I think this is a great opportunity to create further transparency here on GH.

Do you support and promote products that test on animals?


A: There is only one brand that I have reviewed that tests on animals: Coppertone.  A couple of their sunscreens were rated high in the EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Report.  Being that this is the only mainstream sunscreen brand that rates high with the EWG, I wrote about it as a commonplace and cheaper option for readers in skin cancer prevention.  Everything else on GH is cruelty-free.

Being that cancer prevention is a big cause here on GH, avoiding carcinogens in products is the number one task.  Unfortunately, the conventional tests for carcinogenicity are on animals whether on rodents, animal embryos, or mammalian cells. Scientists, science groups, and government initiatives are pushing for and working on alternative methods to test for carcinogenicity. In fact, the EU Cosmetics Directive will prohibit sales of animal tested cosmetics after 2013.  This deadline may be pushed back a couple of years as they try to establish alternative toxicity tests.

I will feature only cruelty-free brands on GH from here on out.  Just know that carcinogens we are avoiding were unfortunately determined carcinogenic from other animal tests…for right now.

Marlo, thank you for emailing me.  Discussing animal cruelty on GH was long overdue.

How about you?  Are you a cruelty-free conscious consumer like Marlo?

original photo via Peonies And Polaroids

What Is The Deal With Gluten-Free?

Last week Erin from Well In L.A. posed a great question in the comments for Acure’s gluten-free argan conditioner last week…“Is there gluten typically in conditioners?”

Which leads to the bigger question…

What is the deal with gluten-free beauty products?

I have talked about this earlier, but it is a good idea to revisit it on the regular as gluten intolerance and celiac disease is affecting more and more people, that even our regular mainstream markets, commercial cake/cookie mixes, and restaurants are offering freedom from gluten more and more everyday.

So, here is the deal:

Vitamin E is typically derived from wheat germ.  For those living with celiac disease, wheat derived Vitamin E can be quite the enemy. It may cause breakouts, skin ulcers, and rashes… just read Kelly Courson’s story.

If a beauty product’s label does not read “gluten-free”, look for Tocopherol (Vitamin E’s ingredient name) or Vitamin E in the ingredients, specifying that it is derived from a different source (such as soy).

Going forward, I will be very mindful to write if a product is gluten-free here on GH.  Just type “gluten-free” into the newly added search bar on the right to seek out non-wheat products.

(Speaking about gluten-free, my friend’s 7 year old daughter and I finished a whole box of these divine lemon shortbread cookies.  They just melt in your mouth and taste like fresh meyer lemon.  Our new crush.)

Are you gluten-free?  Do you dabble?  What are your favorite gluten-free products (beauty + food)?


What Is Your Superpower?

At random, especially over a cocktail, I love asking my friends, “If you can have any superpower, what superpower would that be?”  It is a fun, dreamy question to ask and think about.  (If you are wondering my answer, I’d love to teleport. The first place I’d teleport to is the Serengeti. Total Toto style.)

Today, I thought we could take that question one step further and probably has never been asked of us…

What superpower do you already have?

Feel free to list your superpowers, because I’m sure we all have more than one! I’ll start it off in the comments below.

Got Shampoo?

I am getting ready to travel to the East Coast in a couple weeks for New York Fashion Week.  I need your help.

I am looking for a new, gentle, yet nourishing shampoo to take with me.

Please give me your sudsy suggestions in the comments below!

(btw, this awesome photo of model Anais Pouloit was shot by Emma Tempest for Volt Magazine. Hot.)