Sweatin’ To Erin Stutland


On this first day of bikini season, I bring in my lovely fitness +  life affirmation expert, Erin Stutland, to talk to us about her number one beauty booster that hands down works better than anything else…and it is something I am now doing in my daily regimen…hint, hint.

I’ll let Erin take it from here.

Ain’t nothin’ like a new pair of shoes or a hot summer dress. Nothing feels sexier than a fresh organic lip-gloss or crackin’ open a tube of non-toxic mascara.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my products.

That said, no matter how much time or money I spend on these beautifying treats, my VERY BEST beauty BOOSTER comes for FREE.

Want to know what it is?


That’s right. A good ole’ fashion sweat session keeps mind at peace, my skin glowing and booty just right.

Even with all the clothes in my closet, if I am not feeling good in my body, I will open up that bad boy and swear I have NOTHING to wear.

To avoid this problem, I make sure to SWEAT. Regularly.

Whether I dance, ride, stretch or run, I sweat NOT to burn calories, but to get out of my head and in touch with the most powerful parts of myself.

I sweat as a way to heal.

I sweat as a way to connect with myself and become more of who I know I am meant to be.

Being a former professional dancer, I know there is no right or wrong way to move. Like Nike says: Just do it.

And exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore. It can feel like an expression of your soul. (Talk about boosting your beauty.)

The next time you open up your closet and just feel BLAH, try turning on some tunes and free your mind with 20 minutes of unabashed dancing solo in your room.

Do 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 lunges and repeat.

Do 5 sun salutations.

Just do something that makes ya sweat.

You can also try my FREE SHRINK SESSION WORKOUT. While you are moving and sweating, you are saying mantras. Out loud.

I know, it sounds super cheesy, but it is the most effective way to train your body and your mind, together.

Speaking these powerful phrases out loud WHILE you move will allow these ideas to seep into your muscles, your bones and every cell in your body.

Next time you kick on some tunes and start to move your body try affirming this bad boy out loud:

My thoughts are now manifesting. My desires are now manifesting. I can see it. I can feel it. It is done. It is done.

Now go get your sweat on!

Thank you so much, Erin!  How about you Beauties? Are you ready to sweat?

I’ve got a beauty bonus for you beautiful sweaters and affirmers…see below.


Beauty Bonus!

Receive an RGB Cosmetics nail polish and a Goddess Huntress logo tote free when you purchase Shrink Session! (a $25 value)

To receive your gift with purchase you must purchase via the links in this post or ad banner posted above.

 Goddess Huntress + Shrink Session, makin’ sweat sexy!

Happyolks Nori Rolls with Edamame Wasabi Spread

Goddess Huntress | Happyolks Beauty Bite Nori Roll With Edamame Wasabi Spread

I am so thrilled to feature this special Beauty Bite.  Giddy actually.

I have had such a blog crush on Happyolks for quite some time now.  I live vicariously through Kelsey’s and Shaun’s beautiful cooking photography and their recipes. I’d love to be a fly in their kitchen or be their personal dishwasher.  In fact, I’m not the only one who does…Happyolks was a finalist in the Saveur Magazine’s Best Food Blog Awards this year! Well deserved.

Today, Kelsey is sharing her Happyolks Beauty Bite on Goddess Huntress, Nori Rolls with Edamame Wasabi Spread, along with her beauty favs!

Am I the only one that wants to make out with their photos below?


Happyolks Nori Rolls with Edamame Spread

  • 8 sheets toasted nori
  • 1 peeled daikon radish
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup sunflower sprouts
  • 1 small mango
  • 2 small avocados
  • 24 sprigs mint
  • handful cilantro
  • (optional) 6 oz smoked wild salmon OR tofu


  • 2 cups edamame
  • 2 + teaspoons wasabi powder
  • 2-4 limes
  • 8 sprigs of cilantro
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • dash of water
  • sea salt

To start, prep all of your veggies and working ingredients. Julienne the cucumbers and radish. Thinly slice the avocados and mango. Peel apart salmon, or cut tofu into 1 inch by 2 cm strips if you’re making these vegan. Create an assembly line of the proteins, veggies, and herbs then begin to prep the edamame wasabi spread.

In the bowl of a food processer blitz together the edamame, wasabi powder (adjust measurements to match your affinity), lime juice, olive oil, water, and sea salt. Mixture should be just barely chunky, but not a total paste.

Place nori sheet on a clean work surface. Spread 1/4 cup of the edamame spread onto the sheet leaving a bit of uncovered nori for grip while wrapping. At the bottom edge of the spread facing you, begin to build your roll, filling it with strips of cucumber, radish, mango, salmon or tofu, avocado, and topping with bits of sprouts, mint, and fresh cilantro. Wrap with your hands from the bottom around the filling until completely sealed. If you use an excessive amount of spread, like me, you won’t need to seal the edge shut with water and your finger. Cut each roll into 8 pieces with a super sharp knife. Repeat.






Goddess Huntress | Beauty Benefits of Nori Roll with Edamame Wasabi Spread

Woah! These nori rolls are busting at the seams with beautifying ingredients.

  • Nori seaweed is jam-packed with omega-3s. One sheet of nori has 2 avocado worths of omega-3s.
  • Nori seaweed reduces acne and dry skin, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • Daikon radish is anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals and formation of carcinogens
  • Cucumber contains Vitamin K.  Vitamin K protects skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.
  • Sunflower sprouts’ calcium is key to skin cell regeneration and skin cancer prevention
  • Mango relieves clogged pores
  • Avocado’s fat allows for skin beauty Vitamins A, D, and E to be absorbed by your body
  • Mint clears up acne and whitens teeth
  • Cilantro is anti-bacterial and may improve your beauty rest
  • Edamame is anti-inflammatory and high in calcium
  • Wasabi strengthens your body’s antioxidants with Vitamin C and phytonutrients

Goddess Huntress | Happyolks Kelsey Brown's Favorite Beauty Products

For a woman who executes such delicious healthy eats in the kitchen, I had to find out Kelsey Brown’s beauty secrets in and out of the kitchen.  Here’s the dish…(see what I did there? I know you did.)

GH/ What are your favorite, clean beauty products?

KB/ I’m a huge fan of SW Basics skincare line. Every product is made with five ethically-sourced ingredients or less and are handmade by real people (my friends, too!) in Brooklyn, NY. I don’t leave the house without the Vegan Lip Balm and slather their three-ingredient Cream everywhere, literally, before bed. I also love Shea Terra Organics skincare line. My go-to products are the Rose Hips Black Soap, Ghassool L’Eau de Rose Purifying Paste, and  the Tamanu-E Regeneration Cream.

GH/ Since you are an anti-oxidant guru in the kitchen, do you use any of your ingredients for DIY beauty masks, toners, etc?

KB/ I make a greek yogurt, turmeric, and honey mask every few weeks… super easy and very healing, especially after being out in the sun too long. I love apple cider vinegar as a toner, shampoo, and bug bite/pimple killer.

GH/ What is your beauty secret weapon in the kitchen?

KB/ Inflammation fighting foods are my health and beauty allies in the kitchen. Fresh turmeric, ginger, seaweeds, mushrooms, berries, dark green veg, and healthy fats from salmon, avocado, and olive oil. These foods naturally calm your immune system, improve digestion, and reduce inlammation in skin and your organs.

Thank you, Kelsey for the eats and all the anti-aging goodness.  I’m thrilled for all of us reading this to add more beauty brands to our wish lists!  

Keep up with all of Kelsey’s mouthwatering, youthful recipes and beautiful prose at Happyolks.

What is your beauty secret weapon in the kitchen? Share in the comments below!

Photos by Happyolks

Earth Day With Josie

Earth Day is just around the corner on Sunday and Josie Maran is back on GH to green our routine for 2012!  Here is a simple tip that I know we all can take on in a proactive way…Thanks for the reminder, Josie!

Your makeup is one of the EASIEST ways to go green. Try products made with organic ingredients and housed in biodegradable packaging.

What are you doing to green your life routine for 2012?

Lisa’s DIY Vitality Facial Mask

Lisa Consiglio Ryan shared her smoothie to enhance breast health on Goddess Huntress last October.  She is back with another great recipe and this time it is a mask that you can make out of yummy staples laying around your kitchen! Lisa says…

My favorite facial mask is a combo of bananas (moisturizer), honey, lemon (exfoliate), and cucumbers. The cucumbers make this mask so fresh and clean. Cooling, hydrating.  The best part is that they reduce swelling and water retention.

This DIY facial mask is a great pick me up after the winter dryness.  This is a super way to revitalize and moisturize at the same time.

DIY Vitality Facial Mask: 


  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (from lemon, squeezed or juiced)

Let’s make it:

Warm up the honey until it becomes liquid by putting it in a glass bowl, immersed in hot water. Put the banana and cucumber in a food processor. Add the liquid honey and lemon juice and mix until you have a smooth substance.

Spread the mask gently and equally with your fingertips on your clean face and neck: keep the eye area clear.

Now get comfy, lie down and leave the mask on for 20 minutes.

Wash it off with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Loving Lisa’s GH recipes?  Join Lisa for her juicy clean living Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox where I will be crashing the party as the beauty expert! Enjoy this gentle food-based cleanse and guidance on taking care of your gorgeous body.  Spring Renewal begins on April 16th, so sign up now!

By the way, Lisa is also developing her own line of raw juices… I. Can. Not. Wait.

What are your favorite DIY beauty recipes?  Share in the comments below!

Tata Harper’s Got A Tip For Us

Being that Tata Harper is one of my highly respected brands to indulge in, I had to ask our beloved Tata Harper for one of her treasured beauty tips.  This woman is brilliant, so I was sure you’d love a beauty tip share!

Her glowing tip is something to steep and sip on…

Tata Harper’s Skin-Sational Herb Tea

A tasty blend for an infusion that, hot or cold, helps replenish a deficient system and restore lackluster skin. All herbs in this formula are in dried form.

2 tablespoons lemon balm
1 tblsp (15ml) lavender flowers
1 tblsp peppermint
1 tblsp chamomile flowers
1 tblsp rose petals
1 tblsp nettle
1 tblsp alfalfa
1 tblsp rose hips
2 teaspoons dandelion leaves
2 tsps raspberry leaves
1/2 tsp gingerroot

To make: Combine all herbs in a medium-size bowl and stir to blend. Store in a tightly sealed tin, jar, or plastic tub or bag away from light in a cool, dry location. Best if used within 6 months.

To use: Bring a cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon(5 ml) of tea. Cover and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain before drinking. Add honey, cream, or lemon if desired.

I’m truly excited to create this tea. Are you tea indulgent like me?  Share your favorite teas in the comments below!

Josie’s Got A Tip For Us

I asked GH fave Josie Maran for a beauty tip she could so lovingly divulge to us.  Well, Josie is all kinds of generous, because she gave me more than one.  Her beauty and her strong beauty standards had me sitting up straight, eager for what she was going to share…I’m sure you are too.

So let’s cut to the chase.

It’s Josie tip time.

 I’m a firm believer that you can’t go anywhere without mascara.  Even one coat opens up the eyes. Look for mascara with a fragrance-free formula containing organic ingredients like Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Beeswax – these condition and strengthen lashes

And here is Josie’s other go-to, that works especially well on the mascara you wore all day.

Organic and fair trade coconut oil is truly pure and makes an excellent moisturizer for the face and body (it’s also great as an eye makeup remover)

Josie, keep those tips coming!  You can be as chatty as you want with us!

What’s your “go-to” cosmetic that you can’t leave home without?  Share in the comments below!

6 Breast Friendly Superfoods

Breast cancer diagnosis is feared by every woman.  In the US, it’s estimated that 1 out of 8 women will become afflicted with this devastating disease.  Despite these scary statistics, there are ways you can protect yourself and significantly lower your breast cancer risk.  One of the best ways is to look at your food (I guess you figured as much. I’m a health coach ☺ ).

Below are the  6 kick-ass superfoods that have been shown to protect you from breast cancer. Incorporate them as much as you can into your daily diet.  The deal is that you don’t want to increase estrogen levels, so these foods help reduce estrogen.

•    Green tea:   3 cups of green tea a day can prevent breast cancer by as much as 50% because of its high EGCG antioxidant content. Squeeze a little lemon into your cup and increase the antioxidant power 10 times.

•    Garlic:   A good immunity booster that also has anti-inflammatory properties. As an Italian, this is my all-time favorite. I put garlic in everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.

•    Olive oil:   This monounsaturated fat can help suppress tumor activity.  Another one of my staples. I throw it on salads, use it to sauté my veggies, drizzle over my pasta.

•    Tumeric This spice known for its beautiful orange color also helps decrease estrogen. As little as 1 teaspoon a day has been shown to reduce tumor growth. Get your daily dose by mixing it into salad dressings, rice or vegetable dishes.

•    Kale:  This leafy green binds estrogen in your GI tract and reduces tumor stimulation. Kale  also detoxifies the liver, so you don’t have toxins flowing through your body that can irritate cells and turn them into early cancers.

•    Seaweed:   High in iodine, this is another estrogen reducer.  Dulse and nori are good ways to add this fabulous superfood in your diet. Throw dulse on salads or make a hummus wrap with nori.  Like sushi? Perfect!

Sip on this for your health.  Cheers!

 Banana-Kale Smoothie

     2 kale leaves (including stems), torn into pieces

     1 banana, chopped

     1-2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (plain)

      Blend away!

How do you eat your superfoods?  Share your dishes and recipes in the comments below.  Share the health wealth, we can all use a bit of help!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach for busy, active women and their families. Areas of expertise include weight loss, stress management, detox programs, and special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Contact Lisa at Whole Health Designs for more information on health coaching programs: wholehealthdesigns.com.

3 Easy Ways To Afford Clean Beauty Without Breaking The Bank

I am a huge fan of Monique Reavis and absolutely love what she stands for.  I can’t get enough of all the fun beauty products she blogs about.  The lip gloss, sunscreen, nail polish, essential oils – LOVE!!  I know I ran right out and bought a loofah after she dogged my plastic puff.

I think for a lot of us, all that love quickly turns into “I can’t afford it” and we continue to spend our dollars on products that fill our beautiful bodies with junk.  Yes, a lot of the products can be pricey, but I’m going to show you three changes you can make NOW to cross over to the non-toxic side without breaking the bank.

Don’t Go Pitching ALL of Your Beauty Products at Once

Start small.  Each time you run out of a product, replace it with its non-toxic sister so you’re not dropping a huge chunk of cash all at once.  You can start with something as small as changing your plastic shower puff to an all natural loofah.  Easy, inexpensive, and good for your body.  Also, do your research and find the best deals.  Use internet promo codes, free shipping offers, or store coupons.  Your wallet and body will thank you for making this gradual transition.

Make Small Changes in Your Every Day Spending

Instead of spending $8-$10 a day eating out, pack your lunch for just one week.  Use the extra $40-$50 you saved for that fun Scotch “Cocktail Trio” nail polish or Arganica argan oil you read about on the blog.  I don’t know about you, but Monique made that oil sound like heaven for your skin.  Want your very own bottle of Living Nature hand cream?  Skip just five trips to Starbucks or and it’s all yours.

Decide what new product you want and find little changes you can make in your every day spending to afford it.  Get creative.  I’m not asking you to sacrifice a night out with the girls or eat pb&j for dinner every night, but you can find extra money in things that aren’t as important to you.

Buy Less:  Quality vs. Quantity 

Look in your bathroom closet.  How many bottles of perfume do you see?  How many bottles of scented lotion and sprays?  I counted four bottles of perfume in my bathroom and at least five more of those fancy sprays. GUILTY!  How about your makeup drawer?  How many tubes of lip gloss do you own?  I can’t even count mine because they’re all over the place.

If you add up the quantity of the “cheap” stuff we buy, I bet it’s more expensive than the clean products we say we can’t afford.  Start making your purchases based on quality instead of quantity.  I know I have been eyeing that sassy Duchess lip gloss Mo raved about.  I could purchase one of those instead of the ten of the other glosses that I never end up using all of anyway.  The four bottles of toxic perfume in my closet are at least fifty dollars with some bottles being more.  I’ll actually be saving money by buying a quality, non-toxic perfume or naturally scented oil.

You CAN Afford It!

 Spending your money is all about making choices and deciding what’s important to you.  You can afford to buy the things that are good for your body.  Get informed.  Make sure you’re doing your research on the products you use and try to replace them with something clean.  If you find something you love, get creative on how you can come up with the extra cash to afford it.

Leave a comment and let me know what creative ways you’re going to come up to afford the products you love.

Karie Hill is a financial freedom coach that helps women remove their financial barriers and heal their relationship with money.  She is passionate about women choosing the kind of life they want rather than being controlled by their bank account.  You can learn more about Karie and get started on your journey to financial freedom at kariehill.com.

Surfer Babe Highlights

Aura is my hair colorist extraordinaire (yes, coloring my hair is the one toxic vice I cling to).  She is truly a master and besides doing her color magic on Lady Gaga, M.I.A., and the New York runways, she excels at creating authentic surfer girl highlights.  So, I had to ask Aura…

How can we score some hot surfer chick hair tones naturally without hours in the sun?

 “Surfer hair can be achieved by washing you hair with a chamomile shampoo and making a concoction at home with 3/4 conditioner and 1/4 fresh lemon juice apply after shampoo like normal conditioner, blow dry hair, or let it dry naturally.

This concoction will work best during the summer, if you are outside running errands, going to the beach, or anytime spent outside. The lemon in the conditioner will act as a lightening agent. This will be very subtle and build after several applications, but it will be faster than doing it yourself without anything in your hair. The reason why I think it should be mixed with conditioner is that lemon is acidic and can be very drying to the hair.”

 Aura Friedman was born in Israel and grew up in the beach towns of San Diego and Miami Beach.  She is currently the spokesperson for Wella Haircare brands in the U.S. Her work can be seen in publications such as W Magazine, ELLE, Dazed & Confused, V Man, and Italian Vogue. Aura is based in NYC and currently works out of the Serge Normant Salon.