Tata Harper Beauty Sets

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Travel Set

Hypnotic exotic florals with a simple pump of a bottle. 

A solid travel companion is definitely a Tata Harper Beauty Set.  No need to haul your big bottles, transfer formulas into (gasp) plastic travel bottles, or forgo your good stuff for the not-so-good stuff from the travel size section of the drugstore (double gasp).

Tata Harper’s products all exude the sensual and happy fragrances of flowers, as a large percentage of her floral ingredients are cultivated at her 1200+ acre farm in Vermont. In Hawaii, it echoed the floral scent from the plumeria in my hair, to all the island flowers surrounding me…Hello, heaven!

Every morning, I used the Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, and Repairative Moisturizer before starting my island day, leaving my skin plump with hydration and a smile on my face from how gorgeous each product smelled. It left a perfect canvas for my foundation oil.

Tata’s Travel Sets are a great way to be transported to an island from home.  They are also a wonderful way to try a few of her products at once before you purchase a full-sized bottle and there are a few sets to choose from. Plus, how can you resist that rich, gorgeous velvet bag it comes with?

I know I can’t.

Get yours HERE.

Goddess Huntress | Aloha Stay tuned tomorrow on GH Aloha Week, where I’ll share a delicious body moisturizer…hint: I’m coo coo for coconuts!


Goddess Huntress | Kona

Last month Andrew and I were blessed with a trip to Hawaii for a little R&R.

I had my first surf lesson in Kona which wasn’t so successful (note to self: don’t take surf lessons that are offered by lava rocks and with an instructor who doesn’t know your name nor introduces himself).  Even though I gashed my arm, I’m ready to try again…elsewhere…(and Andrew is super proud of my scar!).  Whales breached 20 feet from us and were underneath our boat during our National Geographic-esque whale watching trip, which was phenomenal and filled with awe.   Then my mind was fully blown by Pomaika’i Brown, the Hukilau Cafe chef from 50 First Dates, who serenaded us at a couple luaus.  50 First Dates is one of my favorite movies of all-time…poor guy must think I’m a nut case taking 20 photos with him!

Over in Oahu, I got to meet Andrew’s extremely accommodating college friends and stayed in a beachfront house made entirely of coral (yes, all coral), which was absolutely divine.   Across the street from the coral house was Kualoa Ranch, where parts of 50 First Dates was filmed…which meant more geeking out on my part! We ate like locals and cooked like locals.  Hey kimchi, poke, Aloha Maid juices, and Foodland, I’m coming back for you!

Being that I fell head over heels in love with the islands, I had to make another week of it.  This time it is with you. Let’s all go on an island vacay together on Goddess Huntress!  No flights to board, just check in here every day this week for some aloha beauty and a bonus aloha Beauty Bite recipe on Friday!

Enjoy our pics!

Goddess Huntress | Hawaii Whale Watching SailGoddess Huntress | A Whale of a TailGoddess Huntress | Row Row Row Your BoatGoddess Huntress | Hawaiian Sunset PalmsGoddess Huntress | Sea TurtleGoddess Huntress | Lava RockGoddess Huntress | Kona SunsetGoddess Huntress | Fire DancerGoddess Huntress | Kona CoastlineGoddess Huntress | Coral HouseGoddess Huntress | HibiscusGoddess Huntress | Coral HouseGoddess Huntress | Coral HouseGoddess Huntress | Kualoa RanchGoddess Huntress | Kualoa RanchGoddess Huntress | Coral HouseGoddess Huntress | Coral WallGoddess Huntress | Ka'a'awa BeachGoddess Huntress | Ka'a'awa BeachGoddess Huntress | Oahu Goddess Huntress | Green Ocean RocksGoddess Huntress | Oahu Surfer DudesGoddess Huntress | K'a'a'awa KayakGoddess Huntress | Oahu BambooGoddess Huntress | Surf Lesson

It’s All In The Disney Details

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Center

I remember as a little girl how much I begged my parents to visit Disneyworld.  Being that we lived 40 minutes from Disneyland and visited it frequently, my parents put the kabosh on my grand idea. I was even more fascinated with visiting Epcot and eating my way through every country showcase.   The fascination disappeared as I got older, but luckily in my 30′s I got to finally experience the famous Epcot Center on one of Andrew’s business trips.  Andrew and I  ate and drank our way through Mexico, Norway, Germany, UK, France, China, Italy, Japan, Morocco, and Canada.

Disney just majors in the details and I lap up their attention to detail.  Enjoy my detail shots of Epcot.

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco Lantern

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Morocco

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Japan

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Japan Cranes

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Japan

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Japan

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Germany Flowers

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Train

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Italy

Goddess Huntress | Epcot China

Goddess Huntress | Epcot China

Goddess Huntress | Epcot Mexico

Goddess Huntress | Caramel Corn

Goddess Huntress | Epcot

 All in all, one magical day.


Goddess Huntress | SkyscapesLast month we had some spectacular skycapes that I went nuts taking photos of with my iPhone and dslr camera. Robust blushes, golds, azures, and optic whites.

Mother Nature is simply majestic, isn’t it?

I even created a hashtag on Instagram for all of the skycapes of yesterday and all the ones to come, #ghskyscapes. These are just a few of them, you can view the rest on Instagram.

Goddess Huntress | Instagram Follow



A Double Rainbow Love Story

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow

At the end of all the crazy hoopla we experienced last month, Andrew and I got to celebrate our second anniversary of dating.

It was the day after Thanksgiving in 2011, when we reconnected in California.  Our mutual friends organized a Route 66 pub crawl.  I was in for the holiday from New York.  I abstained from the festivities because I worked all day on images and copywriting for the scheduled revamp of Goddess Huntress 2012 (it is the beautiful space you see now, thanks to this gal).  I told my friends I will be working, but when they are at the classic dive bar named The Buccaneer, that is a five minute walk from my mom’s house, to text me and I’d head on over for a cocktail.

The text came in around 4pm and my laptop-committed-self was damn ready for a libation and socializing.

I walked in and there he was at the back of the dive bar. I hadn’t seen or talked to him in years and he swept me up with a big embrace.  (To preface we went to high school together, he was a couple grades above me.) He tells a friend immediately that I was the one that got away.  We ditched the crew and went on our own impromptu date that night.

We dated long distance for about 6 months, I then resigned from my menswear design job of 10 years, and moved back to California.  Soon after, my jaw dropped when Oprah’s producers used our love story for a show! (That still hasn’t hit me yet, I must say.)

He is my rock and my singing jukebox all wrapped up into one.

Here are pics from our anniversary. No pub crawl, just a celebratory, romantic gondola crawl through a beautiful canal with Champagne, a few rain drops, and a duo of rainbows!

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow

Goddess Huntress | Gondola

Goddess Huntress | Aloha

Goddess Huntress | Gondola Canal

Goddess Huntress | Clearing Skies

Goddess Huntress | Aaaargh, Pirate



Goddess Huntress | Gondola

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow Palm Trees

 I am one lucky woman!

Christmas Tree Pickin’

Goddess Huntress | Silverado Canyon

Andrew, the dogs, and I ditched the shopping frenzy (not to mention the plethora of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday emails dumping into our inboxes) last weekend and headed out to pick our Christmas tree from a farm nestled in the canyon.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We picked out our tree, brought it home, and celebrated with a little spiked egg nog.  Can’t beat a day like that!

Goddess Huntress | Peltzer Farms

Goddess Huntress | Daisy And McKenna

Goddess Huntress | Leiland Cypress

Goddess Huntress | Monterey Pines

Goddess Huntress | Peltzer Farms

Goddess Huntress | Andrew Daisy Mckenna

Now I just need to find the box we packed our ornaments in!

Any of you have your tree yet? Any tips on keeping it fully hydrated for the next twenty-some days?

What A Lovely Night

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Gunilla Skin Alchemy

Last Thursday, we had such a wonderful night learning about essential oils and skincare with Gunilla of Gunilla Skin Alchemy! Sophie of Philosophie joined in on the soiree boosting our skin health with her superfood smoothies that are so addictive, it was the perfect balance to our naughty sparkling wine and lavender cookies.

The best part was getting to meet all the women who came to skincare it with us.  What a valuable experience.  To step away from the screen and meet GH readers and not-yet-readers is the part that made me giddy.  I must say it is the best feeling to walk away from the screen and be with really awesome women like you!

I look forward to the next GH Beauty soiree like a child counting down to their birthday!

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Eisenberg Monique Reavis GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Sophie Jaffe Philosophie GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Philosophie Superfood Smoothie Samples GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skink Alchemy rose lavender

Goddess Huntress | Water Glasses GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Lavender Cookies GH Fall Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Sofia Blanc De Blancs GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Raffle Winner

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Raffle Winner

Congratulations to our two raffle winners that evening that got to walk out with some bonus skincare loot!

Thanks to all that attended and a special thank you to Janel Events, Mandana Towhidy, and Studio K.


A Day At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Win Place Show Del Mar Racetrack

I practically grew up on the racetrack. My father covered thoroughbred races as a photographer and my best friend’s family owned racehorses.  My best friend and I would always get dressed up so we could bet on the ponies…when we were underaged…naughty, I know.  My summers were spent in Del Mar during the race season.

Here is a little old Hollywood history on Del Mar Racetrack…It was founded by Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown (Some Like It Hot), Oliver Hardy (Laurel and Hardy), Pat O’Brien (Some Like It Hot).  Amongst these entertainers was also Charles S. Howard, the owner of the infamous thoroughbred Seabiscuit.

Andrew and I visited the Del Mar Racetrack for the Pacific Classic a few weeks ago.  We took a very early train down, hopped on the infamous Del Mar double decker bus, caught a couple races, and then headed back up on the train to attend the Dodger Red Sox game.  Here are our pics from our quick Del Mar jaunt.

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Toledo Jockey Scale

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Club House Admission

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack Starting Gate

Goddess Huntress | Clyde Reavis Charles Whittingham Breeders' Cup

Goddess Huntress | Monique Reavis At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Paddock Sketch Artist

Goddess Huntress | Pat O'Brien Bing Crosby Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Where The Surf Meets The Turf

The best part to the day was seeing my father’s photos on display at the track.  I grabbed a shot of the only one with his autograph hanging (Breeders’ Cup shot above).  He would only sign his name with a gold pen, a gilded touch. It moved my heart seeing the shine of the gold ink!

For a little nostalgia, have a listen of Bing Crosby’s Where The Turf Meets The Surf

San Francisco: Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy

If you are ever in San Francisco, you must pay a trip to Gunilla Skin Butik, Gunilla Eisenberg’s tucked away bungalow of skincare.

Gunilla is an esthetician that not only practices clean, non-toxic skincare, she also creates it…which is the the dream scenario for any esthetician, to be able to choose and control every skincare ingredient used on clients.  Her Scandinavian background has proven and influenced her skincare prowess. Gunilla has been featured in Allure as one of San Francisco’s best facialists, a spot-on accolade.

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Gunilla Skin Butik
2165A Union Street
San Francisco CA 
(415) 931-7318
Meet Gunilla in Los Angeles for the GH Fall Beauty Event on September 26th!  Get all the details and your ticket HERE