What A Lovely Night

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Gunilla Skin Alchemy

Last Thursday, we had such a wonderful night learning about essential oils and skincare with Gunilla of Gunilla Skin Alchemy! Sophie of Philosophie joined in on the soiree boosting our skin health with her superfood smoothies that are so addictive, it was the perfect balance to our naughty sparkling wine and lavender cookies.

The best part was getting to meet all the women who came to skincare it with us.  What a valuable experience.  To step away from the screen and meet GH readers and not-yet-readers is the part that made me giddy.  I must say it is the best feeling to walk away from the screen and be with really awesome women like you!

I look forward to the next GH Beauty soiree like a child counting down to their birthday!

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Eisenberg Monique Reavis GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Sophie Jaffe Philosophie GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Philosophie Superfood Smoothie Samples GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skink Alchemy rose lavender

Goddess Huntress | Water Glasses GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Lavender Cookies GH Fall Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | Sofia Blanc De Blancs GH Beauty Event

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Raffle Winner

Goddess Huntress | GH Beauty Event Raffle Winner

Congratulations to our two raffle winners that evening that got to walk out with some bonus skincare loot!

Thanks to all that attended and a special thank you to Janel Events, Mandana Towhidy, and Studio K.


A Day At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Win Place Show Del Mar Racetrack

I practically grew up on the racetrack. My father covered thoroughbred races as a photographer and my best friend’s family owned racehorses.  My best friend and I would always get dressed up so we could bet on the ponies…when we were underaged…naughty, I know.  My summers were spent in Del Mar during the race season.

Here is a little old Hollywood history on Del Mar Racetrack…It was founded by Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown (Some Like It Hot), Oliver Hardy (Laurel and Hardy), Pat O’Brien (Some Like It Hot).  Amongst these entertainers was also Charles S. Howard, the owner of the infamous thoroughbred Seabiscuit.

Andrew and I visited the Del Mar Racetrack for the Pacific Classic a few weeks ago.  We took a very early train down, hopped on the infamous Del Mar double decker bus, caught a couple races, and then headed back up on the train to attend the Dodger Red Sox game.  Here are our pics from our quick Del Mar jaunt.

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Toledo Jockey Scale

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Club House Admission

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack Starting Gate

Goddess Huntress | Clyde Reavis Charles Whittingham Breeders' Cup

Goddess Huntress | Monique Reavis At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Paddock Sketch Artist

Goddess Huntress | Pat O'Brien Bing Crosby Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Where The Surf Meets The Turf

The best part to the day was seeing my father’s photos on display at the track.  I grabbed a shot of the only one with his autograph hanging (Breeders’ Cup shot above).  He would only sign his name with a gold pen, a gilded touch. It moved my heart seeing the shine of the gold ink!

For a little nostalgia, have a listen of Bing Crosby’s Where The Turf Meets The Surf

San Francisco: Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy

If you are ever in San Francisco, you must pay a trip to Gunilla Skin Butik, Gunilla Eisenberg’s tucked away bungalow of skincare.

Gunilla is an esthetician that not only practices clean, non-toxic skincare, she also creates it…which is the the dream scenario for any esthetician, to be able to choose and control every skincare ingredient used on clients.  Her Scandinavian background has proven and influenced her skincare prowess. Gunilla has been featured in Allure as one of San Francisco’s best facialists, a spot-on accolade.

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Butik

Gunilla Skin Butik
2165A Union Street
San Francisco CA 
(415) 931-7318
Meet Gunilla in Los Angeles for the GH Fall Beauty Event on September 26th!  Get all the details and your ticket HERE


Last Lazy Days Of Summer

Goddess Huntress | Oh, The Shenandoah

At the end of August, Andrew and I spent the last lazy days of summer on the Shenandoah River with his family.  We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse with hay fields and a barn converted into a game room complete with foosball and air hockey.  Let’s just say that air hockey is more of my strength!

We lingered throughout the day on rafts and kayaks listening to symphony of crickets and those other musical bugs that I do not know the names of.  One night we even had a frog pay us a visit as we swung on the porch swing and dragonflies would land on our legs during the day.  Definitely a whole different ecosystem than California!

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah Farmhouse

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River Farmland

Goddess Huntress | Water Hose

Goddess Huntress | Little Red Barn Shed

Goddess Huntress | Pink Flower Bee

Goddess Huntress | Canoes

Goddess Huntress | Caterpillar

Goddess Huntress | Country Road

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah Farmhouse Panorama

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River Panorama


What was your most memorable time this summer?  Share your summer memories in the comments below!

Birthday Sips In Malibu

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Wines

This past weekend was Andrew’s birthday and we celebrated with a bunch of friends at the Hollywood Bowl watching Willie Nelson and then the following day I brought him to Malibu Family Wines for some birthday sips and a tour of Saddlerock Ranch with Malibu Wine Safaris.

Saddlerock Ranch was absolutely beautiful. We hopped onto our safari truck and meandered through oak trees, fed their exotic animals, viewed rows and rows of grapevines amongst the rocky terrain, and finished it off with a wine tasting at one of their event spaces surrounded by Airstream trailers, gnomes, flamingo lawn ornaments, and Bob’s Big Boy…just pure Americana.  What we didn’t get to see (not for public viewing) are the cave drawings from the Chumash Indians dating back to 1769, which are on the property as well. Fascinating.

Andrew and I will be definitely saddling up for another wine safari with these guys again.

Enjoy the highlights below!

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Horse

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Road

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Llama

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Zebra

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Water Buffalo

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Feeding Zebra

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch School Bus

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Trailer

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Airstream Trailer

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Bob's Big Boy

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Gnome

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch VineyardsGoddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Airstream Trailers

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Vineyards

Goddess Huntress | Saddlerock Ranch Oak Trees

Happy Birthday, Andrew!


Under The Weather

total airhead1

I’m a bit loopy but getting my sparkle back from the flu that threw me on my ass the past few days. So this isn’t my usual “In The Wild” post, because I haven’t seen the wild and have been held captive in my bed, in my bathrobe.

So the image above is the best expression about how slow and kooky I feel…

The sparkle is returning and I will be back here tomorrow with an excellent skin care line you should hop on!

original ballon image/Bonbon Balloons

Summer Lovin’

Goddess Huntress | Summer Lovin'

Last month, my beautiful friend Tawni got married to her oh-so-dapper fiancé Rodney at The Smog Shoppe, an old smog check facility that was converted to an event space that is 100% powered by solar energy.  It is completely green, surpassing green certification standards.  It was such a beautifully produced ceremony by Bash, Please.

A couple months before the wedding, or perhaps sooner, my dear bride found out she was pregnant…with twin girls!  A new dress was to be found and voila!…there she was with the cutest little bump coming down that aisle!

Goddess Huntress | Rodney + Tawni Wedding

Goddess Huntress | Wedding Setup

Goddess Huntress | Wedding Table Setting

Goddess Huntress | Wedding Menu

Goddess Huntress | Chicken And Waffles

Goddess Huntress | The Smog ShoppeGoddess Huntress | Wedding Table Peonies

Goddess Huntress | The Smog Shoppe

Goddess Huntress | DKNY Spring 2013 Yellow Dress

Goddess Huntress | RGB Cosmetics Nail Polish Monarch

Goddess Huntress | Tawni's Wedding Dress

How is your wedding season going? Attending or part of the wedding party this summer? 

Nail polish/RGB Cosmetics in Monarch

(btw, I was so excited to finally wear my taxi cab yellow little number for the big evening! )



Right after the 4th of July, I got on a jet plane to Portland to attend the World Domination Summit (no, it is not an S & M conference…).  This was my first time in Portland and I was really thrilled to visit because it is the hub for clean and conscious brands (beauty included), creative breweries, food trucks, out of this world pinot noir, insanely delicious food, clean air, a plethora of trees, and very, very interesting people.

Remember my gluten + dairy free eating style I committed to last month? Well, I dropped it like a bad habit in the fine state of Oregon. I couldn’t pass up the cheese and baguettes on this self-indulgent venture.  I’m also a bit obsessed with Portlandia, Fred Armisen, and Carrie Brownstein (um, who isn’t?)…so this mini-getaway satiated my curiosity and I’ll be back for more.

After the conference, I got spend the day with the Alima Pure team at their headquarters.  Super special.  They’ve got some new tricks up their sleeve and I can’t wait to carry one of their products that you will be sure to love and have been searching for! Below are a couple photos from my tour.

Extra special thanks to Heather, Stella, Samantha, and Alima Pure for making this an even more colorful trip!

Goddess Huntress | Roseland Theater

Goddess Huntress | Kure Juice Bar Wallpaper

Goddess Huntress | Portland Food Trucks

Goddess Huntress | On The Rocks

Goddess Huntress | Imperial Restaurant Portland Oysters

Goddess Huntress | Little Bird Portland

Goddess Huntress | Imperial Restaurant Grilled Romaine Salad Portland

Goddess Huntress | Imperial Restaurant Halibut Portland

Goddess Huntress | Momo Bar Portland

Goddess Huntress | Little Bird Cherry Pie Macarons

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure HQ

Alima Pure Fall 2013 Collection

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure HQ

Goddess Huntress | Made In Oregon

 Do you have any Portland tips? Share in the comments below.


Play Ball!

Goddess Huntress | Game Ball

This past weekend, Andrew and I headed down to San Diego to celebrate my best friend’s birthday and caught the Dodgers/Padres game at Petco Park, one of my favorite ball parks.  We got to sit super close behind home plate, walk onto the field, and sit in the dugout (after the game), which was very surreal and crazy cool.

And of course we had beautiful weather!

Goddess Huntress | Dodgers Padres Game

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park

Goddess Huntress | Ball Park Peanuts

Goddess Huntress | Peanut Crunching

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park Seats

Goddess Huntress | Padres Pigtails

Goddess Huntress | Puig At Bat

Goddess Huntress | Western Metal Supply Co.

Goddess Huntress | Ball Park Popcorn

Goddess Huntress | On Deck

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park Dugout

Goddess Huntress | Dugout Debris

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park Field

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park Outfield

Goddess Huntress | Petco Park Outfield

My next game will be Dodgers vs. Yankees in July.  I cannot wait.  I was raised a Dodger and then I acquired the Yankees living in NYC. I’ll be happy with any outcome, just no fights please!

What ball club do you cheer for?