Shape House LA

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA

This month, I have been house hopping and sweating a lot.  I do yoga every day at Yoga House and getting a weekly sweat on at Shape House LA.

Shape House LA is an urban sweat lodge that is the exact opposite of our cliche visions of sweat lodges (does Arrested Development Season 4 come to mind?), it is a very chic, charcoal grey space with warming touches of orange and such a convivial staff.

At Shape House LA, you lay on a bed and are wrapped in a blanket that emits infrared light that is invisible to the eye and creates radiating heat without any skin damage (infrared light is not UV light). The radiating heat created then makes you sweat and also gives you a cardio workout similar to a very long jog because it raises your heart rate.  While you are sweating it out, you are treated to your own flat screen tv equipped with Netflix (I of course watched the sweat lodge episode of Arrested Development), Hulu, and Ted Talks to keep you entertained during the 55 minutes, along with unlimited alkaline water and cool wet towels for your head.

After your session, you are escorted to the relaxation room with chilled orange slices and more alkaline water.  Stay as long as you like and chat with other urban sweaters or just enjoy the solitude.  There is no rush to leave.

Far infrared technology has shown to improve body injuries, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, relax, detox the body, burn calories, and result in soft, glowing skin. You know how I treasure glowing skin!  After each session my muscles feel so relaxed and my mind is more sharp and focused…my mind isn’t in la la land like it is after spa treatments or a massage.

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA color bottles

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Orange Slices

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Alkaline Water

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Tattoos

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Hearts

Shape House

If you are in the Los Angeles area, definitely visit Shape House LA.  You may catch me in the Relaxation Room!

Shape House LA
434 North Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90004


Last photo via Shape House LA

Palm Springs Yacht Club


For Mother’s Day weekend my mom and I ventured over to Palm Springs.  We checked in at my favorite hotel, The Parker, brunched at Norma’s, drove around to view the modern mid-century homes that the Hollywood brass used to vacation in, meandered through the hotel gardens, and lounged around the pool with the Sunday paper.  The next morning we brunched then walked a few steps over to the Palm Springs Yacht Club for our first class facials.

The Palm Springs Yacht Club, also known as PSYC, is a sprawling, luxurious club with a yoga room, gym, indoor salt water pool (always heated to a warm 84 degrees fahrenheit), whirlpools, eucalyptus infused steam room, sauna, nail salon, and full service spa.

Being that PSYC features Tata Harper Skincare facials, there was no way we were going to miss out on having facial treatments!

We robed up, had a shot of cucumber infused vodka, and laid out on the chaise lounges by the indoor pool with PSYC’s iPads and picked out our music playlist for our spa treatments (they scored major points with this unconventional gal featuring Aphex Twin). We fittingly got estheticians both named Sylvia and strolled to our rooms for our facials.

I had the Hydrating Facial with a collagen mask, a film activated by moisture. Embarrassingly, I have been long overdue for a facial (you’d think I be on top of this stuff). You know that feeling when the dentist asks you if you have been flossing and you feel sheepish and exposed? Yeah, I felt the same way when she asked me when was my last facial!

After steaming, exfoliating, Tata Harper nourishing, collagen infusing, and neck, shoulder, and foot massaging (yes, there was a divine foot massage), I emerged with plump, glowing, and most importantly, breathing skin. 

Sylvia suggested a seasonal facial is ideal for most, four times a year.  I asked her if there is an ideal time during our cycle to have the facial. She said the week before we menstruate, which completely makes sense. As we all know from our PMS breakouts, our skin produces more oil and can trap more bacteria the week before our periods.  I’ll now be going to Sylvia for my seasonal facials.

After,  I got to tour their new nail salon, just re-opened last month, a gorgeous space that features Ten Over Ten Nail Polish, another GH favorite.

The Parker and PSYC are truly my Shangri-La.

Goddess Huntress | The Palm Springs Yacht Club

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Manifesto

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Robe

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Salt Water Pool

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Towels

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Logo Carpet

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Pillow

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper Display

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Orchid

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Ten Over Ten

Goddess Huntress | Palm Spring Yacht Club Nail Salon

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Locker Room

Goddess Huntress | The Parker Palm Springs

*GH Travel Tip: Head on over to The Parker Palm Springs website, book their Spa Junkie Package and get a room for as low as $200 a night and receive a $200 credit to PSYC. Total beauty no-brainer.

For the Tata Harper curious, PSYC uses the following in their facials: Spa Regenerating Cleanser, Refreshing Cleanser, Spa Rejuvenating Serum, Restorative Eye Cream, Hydrating Floral Essence, Spa Rebuilding Moisturizer, Resurfacing Mask, Body Oil & Replenishing Nutrient Complex, and Aromatic Treatments.

First photo via Palm Springs Yacht Club

Miles For Melanoma 5K

Goddess Huntress | Miles For Melanoma 5K Run/Walk

This past weekend I participated in the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Miles For Melanoma 5K!

This 5K was pretty unique, going through the back movie lots of Universal Studios.  I have been through the back movie lots many of times before growing up with all my trips to Universal Studios, but there is something way more awesome about being able to walk and run on the sidewalks of the the Desperate Housewives set (formerly the Leave It To Beaver set), get up close to Jaws, stand under the Bates Motel sign, and getting glimpses of the very handsome Miles For Melanoma Co-Chair Rob Lowe whose wife is a skin cancer survivor, all while raising money for melanoma research!

I’ll definitely be back next year.

Goddess Huntress | Universal New York Backlot

Goddess Huntress | Miles For Melanoma 5K Rob Lowe

Goddess Huntress | Universal Back Movie Lot

Goddess Huntress | Janet Leigh Dr.

Goddess Huntress | Universal Studios Tram

Goddess Huntress | Norman Bates House

Goddess Huntress | Bates Motel

Goddess Huntress | Whoville

Goddess Huntress | Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher Home

Goddess Huntress | Jaws Amityville

Goddess Huntress | Jaws Police Boat

Goddess Huntress | Jaws Universal Studios

Goddess Huntress | Amityville Beach Closed Sign

Goddess Huntress | Universal Western Backlot

Goddess Huntress | Miles For Melanoma 5K Course SignGoddess Huntress | E.T.

Check out Instagram for some other behind the scene shots! 

The GH Shop is donating 10% of each COOLA Suncare sale to the Melanoma Research Foundation during the month of May. Get protected!

Stanley Kubrick At LACMA

Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick At LACMA

Last month, Stephanie of The Girl Who Knows and I marveled at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA. Stanley Kubrick covered so many film genres in his career from war, historical period pieces, horror, and science fiction.  What a remarkable talent.  Our creative cells were jumping in excitement throughout the whole exhibit.  Rarely do I go to an exhibit and want to revisit it time and time again.  I have been itching to go back.  This is one of the best exhibits I have been to in my lifetime…(Alexander McQueen being another one).

The Stanley Kubrick exhibit will be on view until June 30th. I highly, highly recommend going.

Spoiler Alert: If you do plan on attending, you may not want to peruse all my pics below, to give yourself an element of surprise and magic.


Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick Movie Posters

Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick Camera Lenses

Goddess Huntress | 2001: A Space Odyssey Ape Costume

Goddess Huntress | 2001: A Space Odyssey Ape Eye Contacts

Goddess Huntress | 2001: A Space Odyssey Illustration

Goddess Huntress | 2001: A Space Odyssey Hamilton Watch

Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick Costume SketchGoddess Huntress | 2001: Space Odyssey Red

Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick Shoot Schedule

Goddess Huntress | Clockwork Orange Costume

Goddess Huntress | Clockwork Orange Wig

Goddess Huntress | Stanley Kubrick At LACMA

Goddess Huntress | The Shining Movie Poster Prototype

Goddess Huntress | The Shining Portrait

Goddess Huntress | The Shining Twins Costumes

Goddess Huntress | The Shining Twins

Goddess Huntress | The Shining Movie Scene Clapper

Goddess Huntress | Eyes Wide Shut

My favorite Kubrick film is The Shining.  What is yours?

Sunday With The Ladies

Yesterday, I had a much needed day with two of my ladies, Marissa and Janel.  Marissa came up with the theme “Game Changin’ Books” for our visit.  Each of us were to bring a book that has a line (or many, many lines) that inspire the awesome out of us.  It didn’t matter what type of book to bring, whether it is a novel, children’s book, or self-enhancement…anything goes.

Goddess Huntress | Easy is productive. Danielle LaPorte

I brought over The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  The game changin’ quote in that book (along with many, many others) is “Easy is productive.”  Game changin’ right?  We are conditioned in our culture to push, push, push which doesn’t always perpetuate productive velocity.  Getting stuck on doing the hard stuff slows our roll and enthusiasm.  Doing the stuff that is easy to us and love is productivity at its finest.  Yeah, the hard stuff will always exist, but you can request that to be handled by others who rock at it.  Namaste, Goddess LaPorte.

Marissa had us do an exercise inspired by Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  

  1. She lit three birthday candles, each one representing us, and as they burned we each wrote down a list of attitudes, events, thoughts we wanted to be released of. (For example, “I release feeling not enough”.) When the candles completely burned out, we put down our pens, handed our lists to Marissa, and she tore them up.  I kept saying, “Put them on a plane and send them away from here”.
  2. After, she lit three new birthday candles and we wrote our own lists of bold affirmations. (For example, “I will bring in 3 major investors this year.” , “I am a prosperous woman.”. )

The candles burned out and we shared our lists with each other.  You should have seen us. We were cheering and high-fiving at each juicy-lucy affirmation we declared.  There were a lot of “Girl, I am so glad you declared that!” exchanges.

We were buzzing…and still are! As you can see this post is a bit longer than my usual because of the excitement, and most of all to share the invigorating exercise/practice with you.  This is great do with friends, family, or alone on the regular…and it can be done anywhere, anytime!

Oh, and don’t forget to have some delicious food around.  That always lends to inspiration.

Here are some quick snaps taken by my iPhone.

Goddess Huntress | Spinach Salad

Goddess Huntress | Prosperity cookies and chocolate

Goddess Huntress | Hell, Yes! New Museum Mug

Goddess Huntress | Astrology and Tea

Goddess Huntress | The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Goddess Huntress | Prosperity Candles

Do you have any other juicy, inspiring exercises to share? Pay it forward in the comments below!


Fresh Gypsy Air

Goddess Huntress | One-Eyed Gypsy

With the string of life losses I’ve experienced in the past few weeks, I needed to have a proper night out to freshen my head.  A small group of us headed to Downtown L.A. for fish tacos, laughs, and tunes at One Eyed Gypsy, an extremely fun bar decked out in gypsy/vaudeville decor, skee-ball, fortune telling machines, and photo booths.  The Icy Hot Club played insanely creative covers of Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few.  I ended up dancing the Charleston to Black Sabbath…yeah, try to wrap your head around that concept!

Here are some some dark sultry pics of our new favorite hangout.

Goddess Huntress | One-Eyed Gypsy

Goddess Huntress | Jukebox

Goddess Huntress | The Icy Hot Club

Goddess Huntress | Stuffed Animal Claw Machine

Goddess Huntress | Fortune Teller

Goddess Huntress | Jukebox Graphic

 What did you all do for St. Paddy’s Day? 

Flashing Lights

Goddess Huntress | Lights On

I had no idea that Saturday was the day for light inspiration.  From the complex, glowing lighting of Shane Guffogg‘s exhibition at the Leslie Sacks Gallery to the simple LED lighting at the Blackbird Blackbird‘s and STRFKR‘s electro-pop show at the Fonda Theater, we had a color saturated evening.  Talk about color therapy.

Goddess Huntress | Ginevra de Benci #24 Shane Guffogg

Goddess Huntress | Ginevra de Benci #51 Shane Guffogg

Goddess Huntress | Ginevra de Benci #34 Shane Guffogg

Goddess Huntress | Fonda Theater

Goddess Huntress | STRFKR

Goddess Huntress | STRFKR 2


Light therapy indeed. (Click on the concert images to enlarge.) Their video links above are pretty entertaining, btw!

Which gets my fantasy wheels spinning…what would my first music video look like?  What would yours?

Shane Guffogg images via Leslie Sacks.

Pulp Fiction

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince: Cowboys

Last Friday, I felt better and had to break out of the house to escape from my lingering sick bug symptoms.  I joined my friend Ondy for some art exposure at the Gagosian Gallery to view the Richard Prince Cowboys exhibit.  Some of you may be familiar with Prince’s Nurse paintings which influenced Marc Jacobs to collaborate with Richard Prince for his Spring 2008 collection for Louis Vuitton.

Richard Prince is well known for being moved by pulp fiction.  In his Cowboys series he takes familiar images of cowboys, blows them up and prints them onto large canvases via ink-jet, then paints the background, foreground, and scanned images in soothing, pop pastel colors. Ondy and I thought it was so interesting how his use of colors created such calm for us, despite the sometimes aggressive subject.

Yep, I geeked out at this exhibit. And yes, that is me zooming in for the crotch shot at the bottom…

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys Gagosian Gallery

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 1

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 2

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 3

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 4

IMG_4899 Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 5

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 6

Goddess Huntress | Richard Prince Cowboys 7

Goddess Huntress | Crotch Shot

While we dreamed about having a cowgirl life walking around the gallery, on our way out we both agreed we’d probably be really bad at it!


Off To The Museum

Goddess Huntress | Lara Flynn Boyle Dress

Yesterday, Andrew and I visited the Bowers Museum with his parents to scope out their costume exhibit “Cut!”, a collection of movie costumes from British costumer Cosprop Ltd. Cosprop designs period costume for films, such as Sense and Sensibility and Sherlock Holmes, using sewing and embroidery techniques true to the period as much as possible.  Sewing machines are only used on seams not visible to the camera.

Cosprop keeps social class authentic for the camera as well.  For characters that do not come from money, their beautiful dresses are fabricated in cheaper fabrics such as cotton.  That is something my eye would never catch onscreen, prior to this exhibit!

Here are a few pics from our museum venture.  Oh, and enjoy the illustrations from Maurice Sendak, American writer and artist of “Where The Wild Things Are”.  That was such a heartwarming exhibition to walk through.

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 2

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 3

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 4

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak 2

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak 3

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum Cut!

Goddess Huntress | Sense And Sensibility

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum Cut! 2Goddess Huntress | Cosprop embroidery

Goddess Huntress | Cosprop Hoopskirt

Goddess Huntress | Fortuny pleating

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum

Catch my Vine video of the Bowers Museum entrance for a soothing taste.

What is your favorite period movie?