A Hollywood Stroll

Goddess Huntress | Hollywood Stroll

Andrew and I are incorporating more hikes into each month’s adventures.  One overcast day, a couple of weekends ago, we tried a mild trail that winds up to the Griffith Observatory with the dogs.  The trail wasn’t strenuous enough for Andrew, so he keeps referring it as a “stroll”, hence this post’s title…

Little did we know that the dogs would become a hit with the tourists, coming in a close 2nd to the captivating views of Los Angeles.  Daisy and McKenna hammed it up while people posed with them for photos. Looks like we have a money making opportunity to capitalize on…I joke, I joke.

At the bottom of our “stroll”, we stopped by the infamous Trails Cafe for something to nibble on.  While we didn’t have the patience to wait in line to order,  I did get a shot of their awesome ouija board table and some Charlie Sheen. I am so coming back for their apple pie, it smelled big time delicious.

Goddess Huntress | Griffith Observatory Trail

Goddess Huntress | Hollywood Stroll 2

Goddess Huntress | Griffith Observatory

Goddess Huntress | Los Angeles Air Quality

Goddess Huntress | Daisy + McKenna

Goddess Huntress | Daisy + McKenna

Goddess Huntress | Griffith Observatory Trail

Goddess Huntress | The Trails Cafe

Goddess Huntress | Water Fountain

Goddess Huntress | The Trails Cafe 2

Vision Board Party

Goddess Huntress | Vision Board Party

Last month I celebrated 2013 with a vision board party.  My sister, niece, mom, and our friend Mary came over for our life creation extravaganza.

If you’ve never created a vision board, it is a must.  Just pull images and words/text of things you would like to have, own, and feel in your life…killer abs, a bigger refrigerator, calm, a raise, whatever makes your heart and soul sing.   Arrange those images on a board and place that board in a visible place so you interact and encounter your intentions everyday.  You will be surprised by what will start to show up in your life.  (For instance, my sister had wanted to sell her vehicle and it had been for sale for a bit of time.  She pinned a photo of it on her board and attached a “sold” sign onto it…two days later it sold!)

All you need for your vision board party, solo or with your loved ones, is a board, magazines, printed images from Pinterest, adhesive, pins, and scissors. I prefer foam core boards, specifically black.  I also got adjustable adhesive that allows you to move around and re-paste your image elsewhere.  Since it is always an evolving board, I don’t want any glue marks on the board from an old image.  Oh, and don’t forget the snacks and wine too!



Goddess Huntress | Tacks


Goddess Huntress | Fruit

Goddess Huntress | Lemon Bars

Goddess Huntress | Vision Board Party 4


Goddess Huntress | Millionaire


 Do you have a vision board?  What’s on it?

Adventures In Babysitting

Goddess Huntress | Adventures In Babysitting

This past weekend I headed over to Palm Springs to babysit my best friend’s three children while she and her husband attended a wedding at the Polo Fields, which happens to be the same grounds that I go to for the Coachella Music Festival.  On the way, we stopped off at a casino.  I’ve only been to Las Vegas casinos, and let me just say this was no Las Vegas casino.  These slot machines had some ridiculously nutty themes! I gave up after losing $35 on at the Wheel Of Fortune quarter machines in 10 minutes…boo.

The babysitting was super fun and easy.  There is nothing like ordering chocolate milkshakes from room service, a boat ride, and jumping on beds!

Goddess Huntress | Michael Jackson Slot Machine

Goddess Huntress | Ooodles Of Poodles

Goddess Huntress | Jumping On The Bed

Goddess Huntress | Snow Angel

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs

I forgot to bring my SLR camera, so please forgive my iPhone’s graininess!

Take A Hike

Goddess Huntress | Malibu

We’ve had some excellent hiking weather in California, with gorgeous billowy clouds.  So we headed over to Malibu Canyon for some uphill climbs and then relaxed by the Malibu Pier (all covered in Coola Suncare, of course).  In fact, some of the sunscreen got on my camera lens creating an ethereal effect on some of my pics.  Who knew that sunscreen would serve my camera so well.

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Canyon 1

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Canyon 3

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Canyon 4

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Canyon 6

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Canyon 7

Goddess Huntress | Malibu

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Pier 2

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Pier 1

Goddess Huntress | Sex Wax

Goddess Huntress | Shark Attack

Goddess Huntress | Ponchos

Goddess Huntress | Malibu Pier

Happy 2013, Beauties! 


Holiday Beauty Break

Goddess Huntress | Will Return

Happy Holidays, Beauties!  GH will be taking a holiday break and will be back roaring on January 7th.  I will check in with you all on FB and Instagram of course!

In the meantime, I will recover from my holiday cold and work on my…

extra special January GH product release!

Your Healthy Happy Hour

A couple weeks back, I checked out “Macro Hour” at M Cafe in Hollywood.  Macro Hour is a healthy take on the typical happy hour minus the dairy, refined sugars, eggs, red meat, poultry, and alcohol.  Choose from healthy small bites such as seitan spring rolls and crispy asparagus spears or get cozy with mini mac & cheese  and macro nachos all for $4-$6 a plate.

The big Macro Hour winner for me were the Macro-Shooters, large shot glasses full with fresh squeezed juices for $1 each: Wellness Shot (lemon + ginger + cayenne), Carrot Kick (carrot + ginger), Sweet And Spicy (apple + ginger), The Grasshopper (carrot + wheatgrass), Beet It (beet + ginger), Stamina (beet + ginger).  I think this is a brilliant option for those longing to be social during a juice cleanse and for those who are beauty elixir indecisive.

Macro Hour comes at a perfect time during the holidays. Head on over to M Cafe to press your healthy restart button (over and over again).

M Cafe’s Macro Hour Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm

7119 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood California 90046 323.525.0310

Under The Stars

A couple of weekends ago after perusing the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Andrew and I ventured out for some celestial wonders and sprawling views.  We drove up to Griffith Observatory, which I haven’t visited since high school and you may recognize from the James Dean film Rebel Without A Cause.  A bit under dressed, since the temps drop a good amount in the evenings, we had a short visit. With some minor shivers we got to watch the sunset, the horizon gradually shift into a deeper ombre, and the twinkling of the early evening lights of Los Angeles.

The last photo is us driving through the tunnel on our way down from the observatory.  I’m not one for blurry pics, but thought this was such a cool shot.

Btw, Under The Milky Way is one of my all time favorite songs..

Off To The Flea Market

This past Sunday, I perused the vintage and antique vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market with Rachel of One Part Gypsy and Erin of Well In L.A.  Luckily these two are just like me…conservative shoppers.  I’m notorious for talking myself out of every purchase, so I wasn’t alone.  I did walk out with a vintage powder compact for a cool $10.  There was no need in having an internal conversation on that acquisition.  It was a no brainer!

Anyways, here are some of the quirky gems we saw while “window shopping”.

If I could return for one thing, it would be that car dealer game.  I’m dead serious.

Flea Market/Antique tip:  Don’t bring home old rustic painted wood pieces and stained glass.  There is a large risk for lead contaminants in those pieces.  Health first.  

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Beauties! Today will not be the usual Wednesday with Q & A on GH. I am so bummed about Hurricane Sandy’s awful reality on the East Coast (I have broken into tears a few times today), I have no interest in writing about toxins in makeup this week.  It is the human spirit that I am caring about.

About five blocks away there is some electrifying Halloween spirit going on, so I took a little walk to cheer me up this morning.  These houses go all out every year and all the neighbors help each other with displaying their spectacular decor. It is quite the community.  There were even artists doing watercolor paintings of the haunted homes this morning. I can’t wait to head back tonight with all the trick or treaters.  Just imagine these ghouls glowing in the dark!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.  For those who have limited resources in the East Coast, be safe. Your human spirit is inspiring.