3 Goodbyes for 2013

Goddess Huntress | A Safer 2013

I never toxin whine here.  I feel it is not proactive and it never changes the game. Nobody likes a whiner.  But today, I’m a bit fed up.  That is because my mom, who is a hairstylist, was sick all day from being exposed to the fumes and off-gases from nail acrylics being applied to a customer at the salon she works at. Beauty should not be a occupational hazard filled with carcinogens.

So today I declare three beautiful things I’d like to see in 2013:

Non-toxic fast fashion. (Apparently H&M was on top of this one, with Zara and Levi’s now following suit.)

Cleaner professional hair/nail salon products.

Brands to stop claiming “safe and natural” and “non-toxic” when in fact they are quite the opposite.

I just want this all to stop. That’s all.

Do you have anything to add to the list?


Love Your Lobes

This week one of my beloved friends had a mole removed that had atypical cells.  To be specific, her mole was diagnosed as a Spitz Nevus, which used to be called “benign melanoma” back in the day.  A Spitz Nevus mole is generally benign, but since hers had atypical cells she will now be on watch and have her skin checked every 6 months.

This little bugger of a mole was on her ear lobe.  I immediately thought it was her left ear, since it has been more exposed by her driver’s car window.  It turned out to be her right ear.

Now that we are in the colder months (for most of us reading this), we have to be mindful of what parts of our bodies are exposed every day. Just because it is colder, doesn’t mean that the UV rays are in hibernation!  Just because you are in your car, doesn’t mean you are shielded.

Pay attention to your ears, neck, hands, and scalp during these months and all year round. Protect with SPF and self check!

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Head over to the GH Shop to pick up your healthy sunscreen, makeup, and baby products.  Get your loved ones started on a clean regimen for the holidays with just a few clicks.  Heck, you can do this all in your pajamas or feather boa, whatever it is you wear to bed…

Happy Holidays! Bring on the clean!

Oprah Goes Organic

You probably have heard the news by now…. Oprah will be launching her own organics brand! The New York Post did some sleuthing and found that Oprah has put in applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark offices for names “Oprah’s Organics”, “Oprah’s Harvest”, and “Oprah’s Farm”. Expect skin and haircare from our favorite lady mogul.

Let it be not only organic, but non/low-toxic too!

Original bad ass image by Terry Richardson


I’m On Oprah’s Lifeclass!!!



Just got word that I’m on Oprah’s Lifeclass tonight (Nov 4th) at 9pm on OWN!  I was going to give you beauties a heads up when I found out the air date, but I just got the surprise from former Guest Goddess Karie Hill who texted me once I popped up on her TV screen in Chicago!  Tune in. Once I find out the replay schedule I will fill you in, if by chance you miss it tonight!

I’m so grateful.  Thank you, Andrew, Oprah, Joel Osteen, and Harpo Productions!

Hurricane Sandy Relief

The day after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, I was on the phone with my good friend Nora, whom I went to art school with in California.  We have lived in New York for pretty much the same amount of time of 11 years.  We were both born and raised in California, just a mile away from each other.  Nora is still in New York and luckily didn’t lose power or water in Brooklyn.

Nora, who is always so intuitive, tells me what I couldn’t put into words:

I know, Honey. One part of you is relieved that you didn’t go through this by being over there. The other part of you just wants to be here.

She hit the nail on the head.

There is something so powerful about being a New Yorker.  There is such connection and unification with unbelievable fortitude in crisis and in triumph in those wonderful five boroughs and its people.

As I acknowledge this large magnetic pull to be there, I know I can help in other powerful ways and so can you.

The Red Cross has a few methods of donating. Donate online, donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

The Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations online and by texting STORM to 80888

Team Rubicon has dispatched response teams of Veterans to clear debris. Team Rubicon is seeking online donations to purchase chainsaws and supplies.

Food Bank For New York City is taking donations on their website. You can also text FBNYC to 50555

Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City is taking hurricane relief contributions to support relief efforts.

The Humane Society and The American Humane Association are accepting online donations to further their animal recovery efforts.

If you have other organizations that can be added to this list, let us know in the comments below.

East Coast get well. I love you. I especially love how fast you get your sh*t together. 


Peace + Safety

With all that is going on in the East Coast, I cannot bring myself to write about beauty today, it just feels too fickle.  My heart is with New York City and the whole East Coast. I have been reading my friends Facebook updates and watching the news coverage non-stop.

Here are a couple of pictures from my friend Maxime who is staying in my NYC apartment right now. The bottom photo is the view from my window a few hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall…the calm before the storm. A few hours later, just two blocks away from my apartment, cars were underwater…just insane.  And the stories and images keep coming in. My heart just aches.

May there be peace, safety, and quick recoveries.

I love you, NYC.

Top 10 Breast Cancer Toxins

Now that we know how to perform proper scheduled monthly breast checks, here is a great infographic of breast cancer toxins to avoid, thanks to the people at Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.

Love that they included all their sources, by the way!


3 Tips For A Safer Manicure

It is nice going in for a manicure and pedicure, right?  While we are consciously safe and using 3 free, 4 free, and 5 free nail polishes, here are some easy steps you can do at your salon to make every experience all the safer.

This is pretty basic stuff and we have covered it before on GH.  If you are unsure of your nail salon carrying healthy nailpolish, bring your own.  Check out the list of 3 free, 4 free, and 5 free nail polishes here on GH.

We’ve all been there. Your feet have been soaking in the warm bath and then your nail technician brings out some bright colored exfoliation scrub for your feet and calves and then stings the hell out of your calves with some Pepto-Bismol colored lotion she quirts on your shins for that dreadful calf massage (Is it just me? Those massages kill every time).  Make sure your broken skin soaks in some good stuff by bringing your own healthy moisturizer. (Probably a good idea to decline the scrub too)

If you aren’t being blessed by the low UV dryers by CND, then you must protect your hands from UV damage.  No one wants prematurely aged hands nor skin cancer, right?  Bring your own healthy sunblock or use fingerless gloves (apparently some nail salons now carry fingerless gloves for their concerned, albeit educated, customers).  Or, you can put the kibosh on the UV lamp altogether (that is if your polish does not need to be be UV cured).

See, there is no need to stop our pampering in fear of toxins.  We deserve to be pampered! 

Got any more ideas on how to get safer in the nail salon? Share the safety in the comments below.