Party With Us Tonight

Are you joining us online tonight?  Liz DiAlto is celebrating her wham-bam-thank-you-mam* new version of Tighter In 10 Days with a bunch of her favorite ladies and we want you there too!  She will be giving away $$$$$$$ in prizes.  Need a Vitamix?  Well, you may win one tonight!  I will be giving away some goodies too, Beauties.  (Check out the giveaways HERE).

All you have to do is log on…feel free to throw on your best party dress, Bombshell.

Liz’s party babes are Kate Northrup, Alexis Wolfer of The Beauty Bean, former Guest Financial Goddess Karie Hill, Sheen Perkins-McKeever of Agape Oils, Danielle Diamond of Xen Strength Yoga, Stormy Sweitzer of Paleo Power Lunch, Holli Thompson of Nutritional Style, former Guest Goddess Heather Pierce of Go Feed Yourself, and moi!

So, come on by and win some swag tonight from 6-9PM EST.

Click HERE to get yo party on!

*no joke, Liz whips you up to shape in no time…workouts are 30 minutes long.  Yes, 30 minutes long.

Detox + Tighten

Former Guest Goddesses Lisa Consiglio Ryan and Liz Dialto are really big inspirers in my life.  I am honored (and psyched) to be a part of both of their brand spankin’ new beautifying and energizing programs!  Lisa (left) is our detox guru who is launching her Fall Renewal 10 Day Detox and Liz (right) is our toning guru who is launching her expanded Tighter in 10 Days program.

Lisa Consiglio Ryan’s Fall Renewal Detox program cleans and realigns your system with simple whole foods.  What is wonderful about Lisa’s approach is that her cleanses do the job without the famished hunger pains and you can start the cleanse when you want to.  You will be eating three meals a day with two snacks…so there definitely will be no starvation nation. Along with shopping lists and daily menus, Lisa provides daily support along with group support.  You will also get a daily bonus from Lisa’s team of curated experts…GH will be your beauty expert!

Fall Renewal Detox starts October 1st.  Sign up by September 30th.  Get your detox HERE

Liz DiAlto’s Tighter In 10 Days program gets your body tight and toned in a short amount of time.  This program is ideal for getting your body fit for a special occasion, vacation, photo session, etc.  The program really produces tight results (as you can see in her clients’ testimonials) in a week and a half.  Aside from any crunch time tightening to be accomplished, I use Liz’s videos while traveling and at home.  These workouts can be as short as 35 minutes, which is great if you don’t have an hour to spare.  Trust me…these workouts really kick your ass.  I always look like I ran a marathon 35 minutes later.  (I will also be teaming up with Liz on a webinar for all you Tighties!)

Liz is celebrating the new expanded Tighter In 10 Days with an online party on September 27th, 6-9PM EST.  Liz is giving away thousands $$$$ in prizes, including a Vitamix!  GH will be giving away some goodies at the party too!  Join the party HERE, to get all the details and lots of chances to win!

10 days to glowing energy and hot bods?  Pffft, we’ve totally got this.


Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Are you going to party with me tonight?

The Fashion’s Night Out Twitter party starts at 8 PM EST!  Use hashtag #GreenBeautyonFNO to join No More Dirty Looks, La Bella Figura, Kjaer Weis (GH’s Fashion’s Night Out giveaway), Revolution Organics, Dr. Alkaitis, Zoe Organics, Kahina Giving Beauty, Stark Skincare, Olie Biologique, and many more clean beauty brands + bloggers for a fun beauty extravaganza!

Get in on the action for your chance to win one of 10 Goodebox memberships and more!

Can’t wait to party with you in the Twitterverse!

Photo via The Selby

Empire State Of Mind

While things have been a little quiet here on GH this week, it isn’t the case behind the scenes.  I have been getting all things ready for my trip to NY.

I must say even having lived in NY for 11 years, the next two NY weeks will be my most busiest ever…I’ll be attending this hot babe conference (Hello, Iman!), partying it up with this clean beauty flash mob for Fashion’s Night Out, giving away lots of Kjaer Weis goodness on Fashion’s Night Out to a few of you Beauties, handing out these bags to fashion babes during New York Fashion Week, checking out the shows, giving you up to the minute Spring 2013 beauty updates here and on Instagram, taking deep New York breaths, going out with kick-ass girlfriends, and potentially shooting the next issue of GH Magazine.

Mama is going to need a massage when this is all over!

Now here is your agenda for September 3rd-13th:

  • Leave a comment for your chance to win the GH Fashion Week Survival Kit
  • Check in on Monday for the Kjaer Weis + GH Fashion’s Night Out giveaway for early bird entry
  • Party with me online September 6th for Fashion’s Night Out. Lots of giveaways and deals from dope beauty babes!
  • Find out Spring 2013’s beauty trends (September 6th-13th) that you can rock now to be ahead of the curve

I know, I know. Deep breaths, we all have lots of work ahead of us.  Let’s do this.


Hold The Ink

Confession: I have a cliché  tattoo.  I’ve got a tiny butterfly on my thigh. There are days when I think it is cheesy, there are days that  I think it is chic.  Let’s call it my bi-polar butterfly.  I got her when I was 16. I’m such a renegade…  I picked it from the old encyclopedia collections my parents housed on our bookshelves.  I grew up adoring the intricate encyclopedia illustrations of the 50’s and 60’s.

When I got the tattoo, I had the wings filled with prismatic aquas, as per the encyclopedia illustration.  A couple weeks after, the color came off my skin.  I went back to the place and they told me that my body had an aversion to the colored ink and pushed it out.  Apparently the black ink wasn’t rejected, so I’m left with an x-ray version of a butterfly.

The place that I got inked was immaculate. It was as sterile as an operating room.

Apparently, immaculate sterility of a tattoo establishment will not keep you safe from disease.  It is the inks we need to be wary of now.  I just read this alarming story online today from ABC News.

Tattoo ink is considered a cosmetic by the FDA, therefore has the same lax regulations. There is no guarantee of sterility as it leaves the manufacturing facility.  

The 20 year-old man from the story, contracted a strain of tuberculosis from contaminated ink.  Now public officials are linking other rare tattoo related infections to lax ink sterility enforcement.

Scary stuff.  Right now, it may be a good idea to hold off on any new inking, Beauties.  Unlike our topical products, this is definitely  guaranteed to hit the bloodstream.

Photo of model Freja Beha

Johnson & Johnson Cleans It Up

Johnson & Johnson will be phasing out carcinogens and other toxic ingredients from both its baby and adult products worldwide!

Johnson & Johnson produces Aveeno, ROC, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Purpose, and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo brands.

Here is what to expect by the end of 2015:

  • 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogen, will be reduced to 10 parts per million in adult products.
  • Formaldehyde-releasing chemicals will be phased out from adult products. Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.
  • Parabens will be reduced to only methyl-, ethyl-, and propyl- in adult products
  • Triclosan, which enables bacteria to become antibiotic resistant, will be phased out from all products.
  • Diethyl Phtalate (DEP) will be phased out from all products

Johnson & Johnson as of late last year started to eliminate 1,4 dioxane, formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, and parabens in all of their baby products.  That phase out will be complete by the end of 2013.

Now they are taking a huge step further with the expanded initiative listed above (Check out their new website).  Am I thrilled that 1,4 dioxane and parabens will remain in their products? Absolutely not.  But I am thrilled that a huge corporation is taking extraordinary leaps to clean up their products and I’m anxious for other large beauty and personal care companies to react with reciprocity to this major industry shift.

How about we nudge those other big dog companies to follow in J&J’s cleaner footsteps?  Click HERE to sign the petition.

Ahhhh!  This good news really made my day !

Forward, repost, and tweet the cleaner tidings, Beauties! 

Phthalates, Diabetes, & Obesity

Phthalates are a huge no-no in my book and it is truly hard to avoid in the marketplace, being that they aren’t always listed in the ingredients and could be lurking in the ingredient “fragrance”, since “fragrance” is considered a trade secret by the FDA, it is protected. Therefore the components of so-called fragrance do not need to be divulged.  Brands in the clean beauty/personal care biz know this and happily display their naturally derived fragrance components on labels. Phthalates are essentially plasticizers, so they occur in our everyday plastics and vinyls.  Think of all the plastic containers, packaging, and plastic wrap our products and food are in contact with everyday. Aside from phthalates being linked to low sperm counts, male sexual organ deformities, and liver cancer, phthalates in recent studies are also being linked to type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity.

  • If you see the generic term “fragrance” on ingredient lists, ditch it.  Look for naturally derived fragrance as an ingredient instead.
  • Trash those fancy brand name fragrances you have on your vanity and your man’s too.  Opt for natural oil fragrance.  There are a lot of luxury natural fragrances out there.
  • Paint those nails with 3-free, 4-free, or 5-free polishes.
  • Dispose of home air fresheners and replace with natural air fresheners.
  • Tear out those annoyingly fragrant fragrance adverts in magazines before you read them.
  • Send your Tupperware out to the recycling facility and use Pyrex or ceramic food storage containers.
  • Use parchment paper or paper towels to protect food items in Ziploc bags.
  • Get rid of that vinyl shower curtain and replace it with cotton.
  • Drop that damn puff that is hanging in your shower. Just loofah, baby.
  • Don’t rely on plastic water bottles as your main source for hydration and definitely don’t drink them if they have been sitting in the sun. (Don’t assume they have been chilled in their big rig transport from the factory to the store either.)
  • Can the cans.  Cans are usually internally lined with this stuff.  Grab food sold in jars or sodas in glass bottles instead.
  • Purchase phthalate-free kiddie pools for your wee ones.

(btw, those bottles pictured above are glass. Too awesome.)

How do you keep away from phthalates, besides not saying that crazy looking word out loud?

Fashion’s Night Out

Mark your calendars!  Join me and lots of clean beauty babes and brands on the evening of September 6th for Fashion’s Night Out.    It will be a beautiful night in the Twitterverse!

More details to come.

Cannot wait to party with you.

The Safe Chemicals Act

For you Beauties that live in the States, a new legislation passed yesterday through the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee that will potentially positively affect you and your families…The Safe Chemicals Act.  I use the word “potentially” because this act needs to now pass through the full legislature.

What can the Safe Chemicals Act mean for you?

  • Manufacturers will have to prove a chemical is safe before using it.
  • Restricts uses of chemicals that cannot be proven safe
  • Innovation and development of safe chemical alternatives
  • A public database to catalog the chemical tests and findings of manufacturers and EPA, including chemical effects, uses, and sources of exposure
  • Chemical companies will produce health and environmental data for chemicals
  • Promote action to clean up communities with disproportionate amounts of toxic chemicals

Ahhhh, just imagine bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, household items, personal care items, and baby clothing free of unhealthy chemicals!

So, I advise you to be your own Erin Brockovich and write your senator so this wonderful legislation gets enacted.

Spread the word, Beauties.