Osmia Organics Natural Perfume + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Osmia Organics PerfumeCampfire dreaming and leather. Two of my favorite scents.

Osmia Organics has taken these scents to another level.  Osmia Organics Natural Perfume in Juniper Fire smells fresh of the mountains: juniper, cedar, sandalwood, and a touch of smoke. These notes may sound heavy, but they are really light and absolutely delicate. Juniper Fire is such a beautiful blend of notes, it can be worn year round.

I also love Osmia Organics Natural Perfume in Cuoro, which is a deeper woodsy scent with the essence of leather.  There is a gorgeous masculine essence to this perfume that I love. I at times dab a little Cuoro with a little dab of Juniper Fire, which lends a soft dimension to all the notes.

Seriously high-end fragrances, that can be worn by a man or a woman.

Whenever I am introduced to natural fragrances that smell as good or better than their toxic luxury fragrance counterparts, I fall madly, madly in love.  Osmia Organics has my heart.

Not only does Osmia Organics have a dreamy, chic selection of fragrances, they also have a full range of skincare, couture soaps, bath, lip care, and some of the most beautiful photos in Instagram! Dreamy.

Osmia Organics and I would like you to get dreamy as well! Osmia Organics is giving one lucky Goddess Huntress reader a choice of 5 perfume samples and your choice of one of three lip glosses!

Goddess Huntress | Osmia Organics Giveaway

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*Contest only open to those living in the continental United States (those strict chemical transport laws!)

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And in case you didn’t know, this is why you only want to use natural fragrances.

Shikai Coconut Hand & Body Lotion

Goddess Huntress | Coconut Shikai Hand & Body Lotion


It is no secret.  I’m a HUGE coconut fan.

I try to be surrounded by it on the daily. Being that I don’t trust hotel room offerings, I always bring my moisturizer in tow.

Prior to our Hawaii trip, I picked up Shikai Coconut Hand & Body Moisturizer. It smells delicious, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t ruin your clothes a few minutes later. The scent is not overpowering, nor lingers past your scent curfew (I, on the other hand do not have a coconut fragrance curfew). Fantastic to have at your office desk for some vacation time at work.

A simple moisturizer that goes along way with coconut, borage oil, shea, and aloe.  An easy island go-to.

Get yours HERE.

Goddess Huntress | Aloha Come back tomorrow for an Aloha Week Beauty Bite…cukes are on the way with a bit of kick!

Foundation Oil

Goddess Huntress | Foundation Oil

So in 2014 I’ve decided to take on foundation and drop my attitude that it looks caked and fake.  So I’ve been playing around with foundations on some days to even skin tone.  I am a fan of a dewy, glowing face that isn’t overdone.

Being that I loved the tone of my moisturizing Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, I dropped 2-3 drops of Meow Meow Tweet Facial Oil onto a small dab of concealer in my palm and mixed together with my finger, then applied all over on a freshly moisturized face.  Voila! Way better than a tinted moisturizer and just as easy to apply.

Tarte + Meow Meow Tweet are my dewy hula duo.

I get a youthful aloha glow with an even skin tone for day or evening with minimal to moderate coverage. (I reapplied in the evening)

I sported this combo every day in Hawaii last month; it is perfect for warm and humid climates.  No precious application needed, which is a perfect glow for an island vacation or day to day.  (I will be doing the same this weekend for the Coachella Music Festival).

After application, proceed with bronzer, blush, or powder if needed.

Do you have any foundation tricks? Enlighten us in the comments below.

*Meow Meow Tweet review is coming next week…oils that I LOVE!

Goddess Huntress | Aloha

Join us tomorrow on GH Aloha Week for a facial travel set that hypnotizes you with the aura of florals.

Aloha Week

Goddess Huntress | Aloha Week

It is Aloha Week here on Goddess Huntress.

Get transported to the islands without even boarding a plane.  Aloha beauty is coming your way this week, along with a delicious Beauty Bite recipe.

Dust off that coconut bra and join the beauty luau!

The Coachella Essentials List 2014


Low and behold, it is that time of year again!  The Coachella Music Festival is upon us April 11-13th and 18-20th. Time to load up on the satchel essentials before you start to shake it in the desert sun. With temps that can soar past 100 degrees Fahrenheit and impromptu sandstorms, not only do you want to look good, you want to be properly prepared on the grounds. So I’ve pulled 9 of my fav products that should accompany your groove with your desert fringe.

Here is your Goddess Huntress 2014 Coachella Essentials List

Goddess Huntress | The Coachella Packing List 2014

1/Cotton head scarf (if the temps are too hot, dip in water and wear on shoulders or head. If the sand starts to blow, tie around your face like an ol’ timey bandit)

2/COOLA Suncare Baby SPF 50 Unscented Moisturizer  3/Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray  4/Mommy’s Club Perfect Touch Sanitizer*  5/Band-Aid bandages by Cynthia Rowley  6/Korres Lip Butters *  7/COOLA Suncare Liplux SPF 30  8/Osmia Organics Perfume Sample Pack*  9 LAQA & Co. Gold Fleck Manicure Duo Pen

Now you can fully enjoy the music!

Will I see you there?

*Review coming soon!

CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion Giveaway

CV Skinlabs is a skincare line that takes skin care to new heights.  CV Skinlabs is first and foremost formulated to healthfully soothe and repair skin that been taxed by the effects of chemotherapy, dermatitis, eczema, radiation burns, and post-laser hair removal. Yet, CV Skinlabs beautifully nourishes and boosts all skin types, taxed or not.

Britta Aragon, founder and cancer survivor, sought out to create a clean skincare line that benefitted and healed sensitive skin, which is more prone to the effects of toxins. Britta saw the vulnerability of sensitive skin first-hand with her father’s eight year battle with cancer and also being a Hodgkins survivor herself.  With her expertise as a skin therapist and makeup artist, she created CV Skinlabs to provide ethical, non-toxic skincare based in science to heal vulnerable skin.



When I received my CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion and Rescue + Repair Spray, I immediately handed off the Body Repair Lotion to my boyfriend who has dealt with eczema his whole life.  His eczema has to be managed daily, as he almost died from it as an infant.  So here he is the expert in eczema and here am I just seeking a healthy solution that would put his prescription topical treatment on hiatus.

Andrew abandoned his famous drugstore oatmeal brand lotion (which isn’t so clean as they market) that kept all things calm on the skinfront for CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion for the past month.  It has served his skin so well, that he has officially divorced that other lotion brand he used for decades that starts with an A and ends with an O.  He has seen such a positive difference in his skin with CV Skinlabs, he has requested I purchase more…which I’m doing tonight.  A request I’m gleefully willing to fulfill.

CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion is stellar for all types of skin: highly compromised, moderately compromised, and somewhat compromised…(non-compromised skin simply doesn’t exist)

Being that CV Skinlabs has made such a difference in our household, CV Skinlabs and I will be giving away one Body Repair Lotion to one lucky winner in honor of Goddess Huntress’ 5th Birthday! 

Simply Log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

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Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Finally!  A clean mascara that WORKS!

I never thought that last sentence would ever be typed by my fingers.  I threw my hands up and gave up on the clean cosmetic industry a while ago, only in regards to a great performing mascara. Thankfully, I was proven wrong…and I LOVE being proven wrong.

Much gratitude to the wonderful team at Alima Pure, who successfully created a mascara that feels, acts, and looks as a normal yet, great mascara should.

Voila! Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara.

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Alima Pure’s Natural Definition Mascara lifts, boosts, and thickens lashes appearance with a long lasting finish.

I’ve been using my Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara since July (yes, I’ve been holding out on you) and the formula texture has maintained its freshness from day one…it hasn’t gotten clumpy, dry, nor thickened, a distinctive attribute other mascaras in the dirty world can’t even boast about. The brush’s shape is simple and delivers separated lashes.  The only clumping I experience is when I don’t remove my eye makeup the night before and reapply with the wand the next day…and when that happens it is so easy to separate (for all my other lazy beauties out there).

The color is rich in saturation and looks fresh all day as if it just was applied.  No dusty, off-color, textured, overly coated lashes here…take that dirty mascaras!

I had my mom (not a day does she go without mascara, nor stilettos, nor un-immaculate makeup) try it out for a couple weeks.  After I usurped the tube back, she says that she really misses it and asks where she can buy it, it was that good.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara. Dirty makeup mom tested, dirty makeup mom approved.

Goddess Huntress | Get Yours Alima Pure Mascara



Pssst! I will be giving away Alima Pure mascaras at my Beauty Bites Birthday Bash with Heather Pierce Giannone on January 21st.

Cooking, drinking, and mascara? Sounds like a win-win-win to me! Don’t miss out on the fun and giveaways! RSVP HERE


All I want For Christmas II

Goddess Huntress | Clean Beauty Christmas

Here is a roundup of the clean beauty I’d love to see in my stocking. Some are faves, some I’m longing to try!

1/ Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow in Magic 2/ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia 3/ Kahina Eye Serum 4/ Youngblood Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation (I’ve been foundation free for years, I’d like to dabble in 2014 for some flawless finishes) 5/ BITE Beauty Limited Edition VIB Rouge Lipstick 6/ A year’s supply of Lurk BS003 Perfume Oil

*to zoom, click on image, then click again

Forager Botanicals + Holiday Deal

Goddess Huntress | Forager Botanicals

When I cleaned up my regime, fragrance was the last to go…I’m talking two years late.

As much as I adore the sensuous memory of those perfume bottles, I now briskly walk by them in the marketplace and hold my breath.  I just cannot stomach them anymore (here is why).

Forager Botanicals is a fresh fragrance collection that doesn’t sacrifice your senses.  My two loves from their four scent selection are Woodland and Nectar.

Woodland has light notes of  pine and cedar that is reminiscent of an early morning spring walk through the woods.  Woodland is also reminiscent of beloved men’s fragrances, yet is very unisex.

Nectar is just like that early morning walk, but in a spring field.  Light feminine notes of honey, apple blossom, and grass create a sophisticated bouquet.  Nectar is feather light in aroma.

Forager Botanicals is the aura brainchild of Casey Coyle, who when pregnant sought after healthy scents and started to develop her line of fragrances.  She sought out to create fragrances that do not overpower, and she has done just that.  These scents become subtle and intimate as they wear. Forager Botanicals are handcrafted in Brooklyn.

Since I really love this collection, I asked Casey to do something extra special for you this holiday season…

Goddess Huntress | Forager Botanicals Holiday Discount

From now until the end of November, Forager Botanicals is offering you a sweet deal for the holidays.

Goddess Huntress readers will receive 20% off their holiday purchases at Forager Botanicals! Use code GODDESS at checkout.

Get a fresh start to your holiday scent shopping HERE