COOLA Sun Essentials Kit

COOLA is a phenomenal sunscreen brand I have been toting around since I bought my first couple bottles a few months ago.  COOLA is a superstar in the  EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Report, their formulations are incredibly light in consistency and so easy to spread, and COOLA smells divine.  When was the last time you swooned at your sunscreen’s scent?  This is my go-to sun protection.

COOLA has collaborated with Hayden Reis and Mott 50 to raise money for the Melanoma Research Alliance with their Sun Essentials Kit: COOLA’s Mineral Face Matte Cucumber SPF 30, a Mott 50 UV Protective swim shirt, and a Hayden Reis’ water resistant bikini bag.  For each kit sold, 5% will be donated to MRA.

A truly life giving gift.

Doing some holiday shopping?  The Sun Essentials Kit is only available until January 5th, 2013.  Visit the COOLA website to get protected year-round. 


Sun Stats

This great infographic was sent to me by Goddess Huntress reader Allison M.  In fact, Allison and her team created this infographic. The message is so direct and concise.  Who knew that a white t-shirt would only have an SPF of 7?

Thank you, Allison.

Sun Cancer Infographic


Which stat surprised you the most?

Skin Cancer Alphabet

We are told incessantly to protect our skin from UV rays to prevent skin cancer, but do you know what a suspicious mole looks like?

Along with your yearly skin examination with a dermatologist, it is advised to self-examine skin throughout the year.  Here are five characteristics of cancerous moles.  When in doubt, make an immediate appointment with your doctor.

The ABCDE’s Of Skin Cancer

One half of the mole does not symmetrically match the other half.


Edges are blurring into surrounding skin, ragged, or notched.


Color is uneven and various tan, brown, dark brown, tones are present.  Look for white, grey, red, pink, and blue as well.


The size has increased or decreased. Melanomas are usually larger than 1/4 inch or 5mm (think the size of a pencil eraser).


Evolving.  Any change in size, elevation, or color over time.  Any change of symptoms over time, such as itching, bleeding, or crusting.

While you are checking your skin, don’t forget the soles of your feet, scalp, in between fingers and toes, and in between that gorgeous bum of yours!

How about you, Beauties? Have any of you discovered your own cancerous/suspicious mole?  Tell us your story.

EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Report

Call me a junkie, nerd, afficionada, cuckoo, SPForexic, addict, wrinkle-phobe, monster, Tan Mom’s nemesis, SPF librarian, and/or a tan conservative, but today is one of the days of the year I await with bated breath…

The Environmental Working Group released their 2012 Sunscreen Report today!!!

Our GH favorites are still on the list and excelling at healthy, performance broad UV protection.  Hallelujah for maintaining the coveted EWG title, btw!  What gets my panties in a bunch each year (in an excited way, not a bad way) is that the list keeps growing with new SPF brands and established SPF brands that have altered their formulas to fully protect us healthfully.

I’m absolutely giddy that the sunscreen store shelves will be a bit healthier this year than last.  For instance, Coppertone has one more healthy sunscreen to add to their repertoire (note: I will update my post from a couple days ago with those products).

While I’m jumping up and down with SPF-with-less-toxins elation, you should check out their list!

Ahhhhhhh…I just love Melanoma Awareness Month on GH!

Use protection, Beauties!

Helen’s Story

Helen, thank you for your story.

Keep away from these, Beauties.

Melanoma Awareness Month

It is May Day!  The month of May is also Melanoma Awareness Month.  Time for you to can count on me for some great healthy SPF products, tips, and GIVEAWAYS!

What is even more super duper special will be the unveiling of GH Magazine Issue 1, which will keep you shielded from harmful rays and naughty chemicals to keep you looking all sorts of pretty.

No subscription needed!  GH Magazine pages will be online soon, my dear.

Want in on my giveaways? Click HERE to be automatically entered for the whole year!

Poet and I know it.


Earth Day With Burt’s Bees

This Earth Day, Burt’s Bees collaborated with composer Diego Stocco, creator of “Bassoforte”, to create a one-of-a-kind, all-natural musical experience. All the sounds in this piece were created real-time using instruments provided by Mother Nature herself. The same ingredients that are instrumental in making the Burt’s Bees products we love—Honey, rice, almonds, flowers, and more!

Pretty f-in’ cool if you ask me. Don’t just sit there, let’s bust a move.

Happy Earth Month, Beauties.

Breaking: Melanoma Rates Are Soaring

Today you may have caught the article I posted on Facebook, on a newly released report on the huge rise in melanoma among people age 18-39.

Melanoma has increased by 800% amongst women ages 18-39

Melanoma has increased by 400% amongst men ages 18-39


The huge increase in cases is being linked to tanning bed use.  Here are some notable facts about melanoma and tanning beds:

  • Tanning bed users are 74% more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never indoor tanned.
  • Tanning bed users who tan four times a year with a tanning bed, increase their melanoma risk by 11%

As you know, from here and here, I loathe these glow stick coffins.  Get the word out and share this article with your family and friends.  It will be worth it.

Coffee May Prevent Skin Cancer

Coffee can protect against skin cancer?

A study released earlier this year shows that caffeine inhibited cells from creating skin tumors.  Caffeine also caused UVB damaged cells to die, which potentially could transform into cancer if alive.

So you can guess what I brought back into my diet in recent days.  Now I’m drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of of green tea after lunch.

That morning fix of yours may be reducing your skin cancer risk.  Just don’t get all jittery on me!