Summer Essentials List

Goddess Huntress | Summer Essentials ListGoddess Huntress | Summer Essentials List


Dodge UV damage with these hot beach essentials. Style amplified, not abandoned.

1/ iPhone strap case 2/ Beach tote 3/ Beaded bracelet 4/ Animal towel 5/ Sandals 6/ Hat 7/ UPF 50+ sun scarf 8/ Maillot 9/ Sport SPF 45

Melanoma Awareness : Did Ya Know?

Goddess Huntress | Vitamin D Melanoma Awareness

The sun may have Vitamin D, but you don’t want to get the UV damage along with it. Chew your Vitamin D with a healthy diet or supplement…wrinkles and skin cancer not included!

Melanoma Awareness Fact provided by the Melanoma Research Foundation

Melanoma Awareness: Did Ya Know

Goddesss Huntress | White T-Shirt SPF

Apply some SPF before putting on that classic white T if you are going to be out in the sun.  Makes you think about the SPF/UPF of your other clothing, right?

Melanoma Awareness fact from REI

Melanoma Awareness: Did Ya Know?

Goddess Huntress | Indoor Tanning Illegal In Brazil

Yep, those Brazilians get it.

Melanoma Awareness fact provided by the Melanoma Research Foundation

Necessary Clothing Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Necessary Clothing Sunglasses GiveawayGoddess Huntress | Necessary Clothing Sunglasses Giveaway

Since this month is all about sun protection on Goddess Huntress, I teamed up with Necessary Clothing to keep us stylin’ with SPF.  We are giving away a pair of Necessary Clothing Nellie Sunglasses, a cool pair of green mirrored shades with tortoise and gold trim!

Goddess Huntress | Necessary Clothing Sunglasses GiveawayGoddess Huntress | Necessary Objects Sunglasses Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Necessary Clothing Sunglasses Giveaway

Simply Log in with your facebook or email below,and enter by posting a comment below. Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bag, headband, sunglasses, tank, and dress all Necessary Clothing

May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

Goddess Huntress | May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

As always, Goddess Huntress will be focused on skin cancer prevention this month, with a twist of folly and fashion!

While I  give you tips on how to check your skin and share skin cancer stats, we are going to make sun protection fun and fashionable…

Starting off with a rad sunglasses giveaway May 2nd and an Instagram sale on May 3rd featuring my fav sunscreen!

Who says SPF can’t be fun?


Clean Cleanse Day 6 + 7: Beautiful Greens

Goddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Asparagus

This is my 21 day journal of my experiences with Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Cleanse. Join me here daily for my detox journey. You can also follow along on Instagram via #ghcleancleanse

I have been surrounded by gorgeous, vibrant greens the past few days.  Here are a few shots of these beauties.  Just makes my mouth water!

Goddess Huntress | Arugula Clean CleanseGoddess Huntress | Brussel Sprouts Cilantro Asparagus Clean CleanseGoddess Huntress | Cilantro Lemon Quinoa

Goddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Kale Pineapple Shake

Goddess Huntress | Clean Cleanse Arthichoke

Goddess Huntress | McKenna Sniffing Artichoke

Goddess Huntress | Spring Onion Clean CleanseGoddess Huntress | OnionsGoddess Huntress | Fennel Frond Clean Cleanse

Day 5 + 6 Overall: Well, well, well.  My first weekend with the cleanse…boy was it challenging.  On Saturday (Day 6) I was a pill.  I had a very short temper, was pretty tired, and was really hungry.  It also was my first time out in a social setting on the cleanse.  We had a surprise party that day and I was surrounded by booze, gluten, and dairy and I wanted it all, every crumb every drop.  I wanted it BAD. Snacking on their raw broccoli and carrots was not cutting it for me that day and my head felt completely out of it, which wasn’t good for maintaining party conversations. I ate Veggie Grill right before the party, but it didn’t feel like it.  So I ate a handful of crackers to bring back my attention span and energy.  I felt stabilized soon after. No regrets on my end, because I was not heading in the right direction had I not munched on the crackers.  In the future, I will keep some sort of snack in my purse just in case. 

The day before (Day 5) I was as my previous days, just a bit more tired.  

See you here for Day 7 + 8 of the Clean Cleanse!


Mother’s Day Insta Flash Sale!

Goddess Huntress |Mother's Day  Insta Flash Sale

April 27th only! I am having a Mother’s Day flash sale on Instagram!

Spoil mom with Kensington Apothecary Rose Miracle Balm. A gorgeous hydrating balm that seduces with the scent of roses.


Just comment “SOLD” on the @goddesshuntress flash sale photo and I will invoice you via direct message. I will ask you for your Paypal email via direct message and invoice you from there!

All from your phone, all for mom!


Insta Flash Sale! Today Only!

Goddess Huntress | Instagram Flash Sale Nail Polish

April 26th only!  I am having a flash sale on Instagram!  

Head over to Instagram for your chance to grab a bottle of RGB Cosmetics Nail Polish in Flint for $15 + FREE SHIPPING!

Just comment “SOLD” on the @goddesshuntress flash sale photo and I will invoice you via direct message. I will ask you for your Paypal email via direct message and invoice you from there!

Nail polish will be at your door in a couple days!

How’s that for insta-gratification?