Angel Waves by Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care: Sponsored Post

goddess. huntress. is extremely honored to have Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care as a sponsor.  This is a hair care line that brings such beautiful, healthy, strength-producing results while removing all the synthetic build-up from other previous products.

For those of you with texture or if you desire volume and bounce, try this wonderful Belegenza cocktail I mixed up.  Here is the ecstatic letter I wrote to Alan, the Founder of Belegenza, titled “Angel Waves!”:

Ritually, once a week, I head into the steam room with dry hair covered in SpotLite Shine S500 or EnCore Leave-in Conditioner.  Last night, I decided to make a cocktail of RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment with SpotLite Shine S500.  After my 10 minute steam, I grab an extra towel before the shower and look in the mirror…my hair morphed into beautiful bouncy waves!  I even contemplated not washing my hair, because the bounce and texture was so beautiful!

I wash my hair and decide to test out the cocktail again out of the shower and to let air dry.  The waves came back beautiful again.  I was so surprised because my hair can get weighed down fairly easily and RoMANce is not a light conditioner…it was wonderful to experience the contrary.  I couldn’t stop marveling at my curls in the mirror last night.  My hair was so full and bouncy as if I diffused it, with the added bonus of shine.  This morning they are just as beautiful!  My wave always gets stretched out over time and with sleep, this is great!

Go ahead, bring some Belegenza into your life!