Tata Harper Beauty Sets

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Travel Set

Hypnotic exotic florals with a simple pump of a bottle. 

A solid travel companion is definitely a Tata Harper Beauty Set.  No need to haul your big bottles, transfer formulas into (gasp) plastic travel bottles, or forgo your good stuff for the not-so-good stuff from the travel size section of the drugstore (double gasp).

Tata Harper’s products all exude the sensual and happy fragrances of flowers, as a large percentage of her floral ingredients are cultivated at her 1200+ acre farm in Vermont. In Hawaii, it echoed the floral scent from the plumeria in my hair, to all the island flowers surrounding me…Hello, heaven!

Every morning, I used the Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, and Repairative Moisturizer before starting my island day, leaving my skin plump with hydration and a smile on my face from how gorgeous each product smelled. It left a perfect canvas for my foundation oil.

Tata’s Travel Sets are a great way to be transported to an island from home.  They are also a wonderful way to try a few of her products at once before you purchase a full-sized bottle and there are a few sets to choose from. Plus, how can you resist that rich, gorgeous velvet bag it comes with?

I know I can’t.

Get yours HERE.

Goddess Huntress | Aloha Stay tuned tomorrow on GH Aloha Week, where I’ll share a delicious body moisturizer…hint: I’m coo coo for coconuts!

Interview With Tata Harper + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | An Interview With Tata Harper & Giveaway

It is no secret. I love Tata Harper. There is nothing not to love.

Tata Harper Skincare has seamlessly married natural skincare and luxury skincare, formulations bonded in cutting edge technology. Her emphasis on natural technology, probably fueled by her engineering background, has led to the launch of her Supernatural Collection, three anti-aging serums delivering concentrated antioxidants. And guess, what…you see results.

She is shifting the skincare industry.

I had the pleasure to interview Tata and am thrilled to share her insight with you.

GH/ You really have set the benchmark for outstanding clean, luxury skincare.  What influenced you to create Tata Harper Skincare?

TH/ It was all born out of a personal mission to create high-performance, luxurious skincare products that were 100% natural and nontoxic for real. After my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer about ten years ago, my family and I made a decision to go natural and nontoxic wherever possible in our lives, so my search for completely safe replacements for my high-tech antiaging skincare began, and I came up empty handed. Everything I found during my search was a combination of natural and synthetic; no one had created an antiaging line that delivered results without a single synthetic chemical ingredient. I was sure it could be done, and I was sure there were other women like myself who were searching for beauty without compromise, so the journey began. The line took five years to formulate and a team of eight European chemists; we started from scratch instead of buying formula bases like most skincare companies. We stayed true to our goals of creating skincare that really works with zero synthetics, and now that the world is catching on to the importance of safety in skincare, labs around the world are discovering amazing new active ingredients. It’s an exciting world to be a part of!

GH/ You are also one of the first pioneers to fuse advanced science + technology with completely natural skincare formulations, I bet your chemists and biologists must have a ball in the labs. Any exciting/surprising discoveries you can share?

TH/ We’re discovering new things all the time! I always have a stack of scientific articles with me from labs around the world that are investing in natural technology. Our product creation process is a little different than that of most beauty companies; first, we start with a product function – like, what do we need this product to do? For what skintype? And then we look for the most amazing natural ingredient technology that can deliver the result we want, with research that proves that it works. We don’t start with a price point – we create the most efficacious product possible, and then see what we’ve got. It’s a fun process! As for exciting discoveries, those are top secret :) but we are working on a body lotion for the spring, as well as a new aromatherapy treatment!

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Vermont Farm

GH/ Also unique, is that a great amount of your ingredients are actually grown on your organic 1200 acre farm, Julius Kingdom Farm! Is it a breath of fresh air to have quality control of your ingredients in your backyard?

TH/ It’s definitely an amazing part of the business; it gives us a lot of control over the quality and also means there’s a little bit of our Vermont home in each bottle. It helps us keep the carbon footprint of the business lower, too, since we’re at least supplying fifteen ingredients from our own farm every year, so there’s less to ship around the world. Plus, we are certain we can trust that they’re grown sustainably, since our farm is certified Organic. If we could, we’d love to source everything locally, but the rest of our ingredients come from all around the world – Israel, Crete, the Amazon, Canada, Poland, etc. The ingredients are amazingly powerful and have incredible stories, so we love that our formulas are both global and local.

GH/ You grew up in Colombia and trained as an engineer there.  Were you the least bit interested about beauty as a little girl or did that develop later on?

TH/ I’ve been someone who loved to buy and experience new types of skincare and beauty products since I was a young girl, which is an interest that came from spending a lot of time with my grandmother, mother and sisters doing beauty rituals together on the weekends. Making exfoliating masks, creating creams and oils to use on our skin – we spent mostSaturday mornings together just beautifying. So I’ve always loved skincare, and it’s always been important to me to take care of my skin and have good preventative antiaging habits – but I had no plans on entering the beauty business until much later.

GH/ Lastly…we all have our naughty indulgences…mine are wine and french fries. What would you say is yours? (no worries, we won’t judge!)

TH/ I definitely indulge in sweet snacks throughout the day – mostly chocolate. I have a major sweet tooth!

And now Tata and I have a gift for you! We are giving away a bundle of my four favorite Tata Harper Skincare products to one lucky GH reader! Valued over $430

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Giveaway

Tata Harper is spoiling one GH reader with her Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, Boosted Contouring Serum, and Revitalizing Body Oil!   Simply Log in with your facebook or email below,and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

CONTEST CLOSED: Congratulations to Jacqueline!

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Fine print – Each entrant will be automatically subscribed to the Tata Harper Skincare email newsletter. A fine newsletter, at that!

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

This is a throwback post from December 2012…I have to whet your appetite with this insanely, delicious body oil because I have an exciting giveaway being announced this Friday, September 27th!!! Hint, hint!

Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil does just as it states on its label.  This luxury body oil completely nourishes skin with its rich ingredients of olive, sunflower, grape seed, and borage oils. Calendula, neroli, arnica, and natural oil blends create a fresh bouquet that induces energy and calm.  Even those around you will experience the fresh calm just by second-hand scent.

This is my absolute favorite body oil.  I douse it on after bathing and I also dab a few drops for fragrance and aromatherapy.  Now, if they’d only offer it in gallon sizes…

See you on September 27th for the grand giveaway announcement!!!


Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum

So I must divulge…as a beauty blogger, my skin is not always at its best.  I test and play with a myriad of skincare products, my skincare routine can often be sporadic, which leaves my pores with many personalities.  I also have large pores, leaving me adoring those who have small pores and glowing skin.

Three weeks ago, my mom suggested I get a facial because my pores were noticeably larger and clogged.  It was as if my pores were HD every day.

So I immediately simplified.  I returned to using my fav clay facial soap and now followed with Tata Harper’s Boosted Contouring Serum in the morning, nothing at night.  My pores became clearer and noticeably smaller.  In fact, my skin looked airbrushed in the airport bathroom mirror last week…I was taken aback, because when does skin look good in the airport bathroom!?! Jokes aside, I really was taken aback by my pore size and health, because I always viewed pore minimization as a beauty counter myth.

Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum is a part of the newly launched Supernatural Collection, that has been tested for years in her labs.  The serum formulation is designed to tighten and lift skin along with firming and smoothing skin with long term use.  What is refreshing about this serum is that feels extremely light, yet you don’t need further moisture application.  This bottle is the world’s first glass airless packaging system, always delivering its 35 active ingredients with peak performance freshness.


Really cool stat: 80% of volunteers noticed a reduction in jowls…(can I get a “hell yeah!”?)

Get your tight on HERE

Palm Springs Yacht Club


For Mother’s Day weekend my mom and I ventured over to Palm Springs.  We checked in at my favorite hotel, The Parker, brunched at Norma’s, drove around to view the modern mid-century homes that the Hollywood brass used to vacation in, meandered through the hotel gardens, and lounged around the pool with the Sunday paper.  The next morning we brunched then walked a few steps over to the Palm Springs Yacht Club for our first class facials.

The Palm Springs Yacht Club, also known as PSYC, is a sprawling, luxurious club with a yoga room, gym, indoor salt water pool (always heated to a warm 84 degrees fahrenheit), whirlpools, eucalyptus infused steam room, sauna, nail salon, and full service spa.

Being that PSYC features Tata Harper Skincare facials, there was no way we were going to miss out on having facial treatments!

We robed up, had a shot of cucumber infused vodka, and laid out on the chaise lounges by the indoor pool with PSYC’s iPads and picked out our music playlist for our spa treatments (they scored major points with this unconventional gal featuring Aphex Twin). We fittingly got estheticians both named Sylvia and strolled to our rooms for our facials.

I had the Hydrating Facial with a collagen mask, a film activated by moisture. Embarrassingly, I have been long overdue for a facial (you’d think I be on top of this stuff). You know that feeling when the dentist asks you if you have been flossing and you feel sheepish and exposed? Yeah, I felt the same way when she asked me when was my last facial!

After steaming, exfoliating, Tata Harper nourishing, collagen infusing, and neck, shoulder, and foot massaging (yes, there was a divine foot massage), I emerged with plump, glowing, and most importantly, breathing skin. 

Sylvia suggested a seasonal facial is ideal for most, four times a year.  I asked her if there is an ideal time during our cycle to have the facial. She said the week before we menstruate, which completely makes sense. As we all know from our PMS breakouts, our skin produces more oil and can trap more bacteria the week before our periods.  I’ll now be going to Sylvia for my seasonal facials.

After,  I got to tour their new nail salon, just re-opened last month, a gorgeous space that features Ten Over Ten Nail Polish, another GH favorite.

The Parker and PSYC are truly my Shangri-La.

Goddess Huntress | The Palm Springs Yacht Club

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Manifesto

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Robe

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Salt Water Pool

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Towels

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Logo Carpet

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Pillow

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper Display

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Orchid

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Ten Over Ten

Goddess Huntress | Palm Spring Yacht Club Nail Salon

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Locker Room

Goddess Huntress | The Parker Palm Springs

*GH Travel Tip: Head on over to The Parker Palm Springs website, book their Spa Junkie Package and get a room for as low as $200 a night and receive a $200 credit to PSYC. Total beauty no-brainer.

For the Tata Harper curious, PSYC uses the following in their facials: Spa Regenerating Cleanser, Refreshing Cleanser, Spa Rejuvenating Serum, Restorative Eye Cream, Hydrating Floral Essence, Spa Rebuilding Moisturizer, Resurfacing Mask, Body Oil & Replenishing Nutrient Complex, and Aromatic Treatments.

First photo via Palm Springs Yacht Club

Earth Day With Tata Harper

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Pinterest Contest

Tata Harper is celebrating Earth Day on Pinterest and wants your images and earth tips for Tata Harper’s Living Green board.

Three pinners that contribute to the board and receive the most liked pins will win Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum, Be True Lip Treatment, and Stress Aromatherapy!

You have until April 31st to pin away! Live green, pin green, win green.

Click HERE to join the Living Green board. 

Images via Tata Harper

My Sweet Valentine

Goddess Huntress | Waltz

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am pretty thrilled for tonight.  We are taking our first private waltz lesson.  It should be interesting.  I am great at rocking out on the dance floor on my own, but when a partner is involved I become the utmost uncoordinated.

Wish me luck.  Actually, wish Andrew luck…since he has to lead me!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?  

Check out last year’s Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac post with Tata Harper, In Fiore, and Heather Pierce Giannone if you need some sensual ideas!

Original image: Last Waltz From 14th July, Robert Doisneau

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil

Rev up for the New Year. 2013 is on its quick approach.  

Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil does just as it states on its label.  This luxury body oil completely nourishes skin with its rich ingredients of olive, sunflower, grape seed, and borage oils. Calendula, neroli, arnica, and natural oil blends create a fresh bouquet that induces energy and calm.  Even those around you will experience the fresh calm just by second-hand scent.

This is my absolute favorite body oil.  I douse it on after bathing and I also dab a few drops for fragrance and aromatherapy.  Now, if they’d only offer it in gallon sizes…

Ideal to ring in the New Year!

Running behind in your holiday shopping?  Give a  revitalizing Happy New Year’s gift. Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil is available in the body section in the GH Shop.

Q & A: Waterproof Mascara

The other day I tweeted the smirk-inducing photo above from my beloved friend’s Instagram (whom you should all follow for some cool model pics: @samuelzakuto).  I then get a tweet from our favorite skincare maven, Tata Harper…

Great pic! Now where can I find a solid non-toxic waterproof mascara for those crisis fashion moments??

Great question, Tata.

I have to say she stumped me, because I wouldn’t consider my ZuZu Luxe and GOGO Mascara by Josie Maran waterproof.   I did some research and soon realized there are no true “waterproof” mascaras in the clean beauty market. But, I did find three high performing clean mascaras receiving rave reviews from beauties all over that are worth us batting our eyelashes with, even if our tears of happiness may smudge them a bit.  Let’s give them a try.


Organic Glam Mascara gets great reviews for its wand and its long-wearing formula. $35

100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara delivers long lashes and volume. $18

Lavera’s Double Black Mascara has two brushes, one to separate and one to volumize. $24

What are your favorite natural mascaras that you would recommend to Tata?